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Monday, August 07, 2006

Notes - Aug 7

- Would you believe that I haven't bet a single race from Del Mar? I'm usually busy writing and, besides, after a full day at Saratoga, only an addict would be betting Del Mar afterwards (before heading to the harness track for the late Pick 3.)

I started to write that post with around 25 minutes until the sixth at Del Mar, when I was kicked off the laptop by the Head Chef. To be fair, she doesn't get much time on this computer, so who was I to begrudge her?

So instead of writing, I hit the triple in that 6th, surviving an agonizing stretch run. I needed that, as the luck has not yet gone my way at Saratoga. And speaking of the saddlecloths, for some reason I had no clue who it was closing like a rocket at McNasty. First things first; I needed that race to end. And it did, just barely in time. I've lost some close races at Saratoga, including the first race today. So it was nice to hang on this time for a payoff of $131.

- As Bank Check noted, The Green Monkey is hurt; he strained a glutteral muscle. But from the sound of this, it's no big deal, and he'll be back in training in two or three weeks. He's certainly the only unraced horse in the world that we would even be reading about a minor (for now) setback like this.


Anonymous said...

Excellent reporting and commentary. I look forward to reading every day.

Any word on Discreet Cat? I googled him today looking for news - apparently the plan is one prep, then the Oct 1 Jerome, and then....

I am particularly interested because I picked up his future book for the Nov. 4, BCC at the Rio race book in LV at 35-1. You say his dam once won the Alabama going long and he himself trounced Invasor in the UAE Derby? Interesting....

John said...

Yes those Desormeaux rides were favorites of mine too. . . John