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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Two Sides To Every Story

The Times kept up the pressure on Governor Paterson with another story in prime time on the front page of the print edition on Wednesday. Investigators Are Told of Paterson Bid to Quiet Accuser, reads the headline.

'Make This Go Away'
It's not until you get to page A29 that you get to read Paterson's version.
The governor has begun telling top state Democrats that he had a conversation with Ms. Booker only because she reached out to him to complain that she was being pestered by reporters from The Times.
And there are a couple of articles in other outlets - Daily Politics and the Village Voice - that elaborate on his side of the story.

And I'm not taking that side for now....I just don't know. Nobody does for sure except for the parties involved. The investigation is ongoing. So I'm just saying that just because something is published in the right hand column on page A1 of the New York Times doesn't make it true. As we've seen in the past, and with tragic results.


Anonymous said...


Congressman Meeks was on the Errol Lewis radio show yesterday. Here is a link to that interview. Anyone interested in the attacks on Rev Flake, Gov Paterson, etc should listen to it. It is at the very least enlightening:

Listen to this link. An interview with Congressman Greg Meeks with Errol Lewis this morning.

Anonymous said...


If Gov. Paterson were a Republican, would you be cutting him such slack?

Of course not, and you know it, you hypocrite.

jk said...

March 3, 2010 12:28 PM 9 Comments
Gov Slapped With Ethics Charge »

By Elizabeth Benjamin

But it's not for what you think.

The Public Integrity Commission has charged Gov. David Paterson with violating the gift ban of the state's ethics laws for securring free tickets to the first game of the 2009 World Series from the New York Yankees.

jk said...

Ex-racino guy still in picture: Darryl Greene on board of nonprofit involved in Aqueduct project

BY Robert Gearty

Wednesday, March 3rd 2010, 4:00 AM

El Angelo said...

Anon 1:57---

(a) Based on what I've read on this blog for the past few years, I think you're wrong.

(b) Unlike you, Alan has the guts to put his name on his opinions and name calling.

Anonymous said...

What's the odds Paterson is telling the truth in his version. Please. I'm tired of reading your crap. Move back to France or some other socialist country

alan said...

>>I'm tired of reading your crap.

Nobody's forcing you, so I guess you must like it.

>>Move back to France or some other socialist country.

I'm not from France.

Anonymous said...

No name calling I promise. But how about Paterson lying under oath to the Ethics Commission? (and he hasn't even talked to Cuomo yet) A grand worth of ill gotten WS tics maybe be what brings this guy down.

Also buried in the Queens Currier article from yesterday:

Spokesman Andrew Frank of AEG “It was Silver who said ‘Match Penn National’s cash offer and I’ll approve your proposal & we did"

alan said...

Regular readers know I suppose that I basically like the guy. That said, I've gone out of my way I think to not defend his actions, either in this case, or with AEG. However, I also believe that there's a raging press feeding frenzy going on here, and just trying to add some perspective. Dribbles of information leaking out in the press....sometimes from disgruntled ex-staff members, as Liz points out on Daily Politics today, does not comprise a judge and jury. Or at least it shouldn't. The facts will eventually come out, and then we can all make a fair judgment one way or another.

alan said...

Having said the above, it obviously doesn't look good for the gov.

Anonymous said...

Alan when you criticize all of the other absolute bullshit nonsense the NYT habitually runs as "news" on page A 1 it would help lend credibility to your criticism of their Paterson coverage, i.e., they only run propaganda supporting their agenda. The Enquirer is a more reliable news source than The Times.

Look, I agree that a whole lot of folks had it in for Paterson from Day 1. Obama said he had to go ages ago because Paterson refused to play the role of sycophantic follower. I detest ganging up on the underdog the way the NYT and Post have so let's hear his side of the story before we pronounce judgment. /S/greenmtnpunter

SaratogaSpa said...

Actually there is not 2 sides but 3 sides to every story, in this case I suspect Paterson's side, the side of the New York Times, and than the right side.

El Angelo said...

How can we call Paterson an "underdog"? The man got to where he is in life by nepotism and party cronyism.

Anonymous said...

Patterson was an incompetent from the very beginning. He NEVER should have been selected in the first place. Spitzer picked him while he was smoking after having sex.

I can hardly wait until they boot his ass.