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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Tuesday Night Notes - Jan 3

- I speculated here the other day that Pussycat Doll’s dominating win in the La Brea was a result of her taking to the wet going, but according to her jockey Garrett Gomez, as related by owner Mike Pegram to the Form’s Jay Hovdey, nothing could be further from the truth.

If her rider is to be believed, Pussycat Doll disliked last Saturday's racetrack so much that she won the seven-furlong La Brea Stakes by only 5 3/4 lengths under Garrett Gomez.

"That's what the Garrett told us," said owner Mike Pegram. "He said he didn't want to sound cocky, but she didn't like that track at all. The good ones, they handle anything."
Pegram also raced the filly’s sire, Real Quiet, and her dam, Hookedonthefeeling (Citidancer), with whom he won the La Brea in 1999. He’s the breeder of Pussycat Doll, and sold off the dam for $1.525 million. Some guys have all the fun, y'know? He says that he won’t be selling Pussycat Doll. "Even I'm smart enough to know that when you see that Grade 1 in two straight generations of a family, that's something you don't get rid of, unless you absolutely have to."

According to the Pedigree Query site, Hookedonthefeeling has a 3-year old filly by Deputy Minister, a 2-year old colt by Unbridled’s Song, and a yearling filly by Vindication.

Pussycat Doll is the first Grade 1 winner for the Derby/Preakness winner Real Quiet, who is standing in Pennsylvania for $6,000; it’s just his second graded stakes winner in three crops of racing age prior to 2006, the other being the G2 Demoiselle winner Wonder Lady Anne.

- The three-year old colt Barbaro (Dynamformer) is getting some attention in the wake of his dominating win in the Tropical Park Derby at Calder, his third win in three career starts, all on the grass. Sounds like a winning formula to me, and Edgar Prado said, "He was much the best and he can be any kind of horse." But the temptations of the Triple Crown series may dictate a change of surface. [Thoroughbred Times]

- Lost in the Fog is back in the barn of trainer Greg Gilchrist, and the connections are apparently oblivious to the criticism, not all of it warranted in my opinion, that he’s ducked the toughest competition. "I don't think he is going to take that many trips this year," Gilchrist said. "If he stays sprinting, we will try to stay in California."
Gilchrist, who said Lost in the Fog might have been a tired horse in the Breeders' Cup, said he will train him very lightly in January before picking up some steam in February. He is targeting the Golden Gate Fields Breeders' Cup Sprint, a $100,000, six-furlong race for 3-year-olds and up on April 22, but might find a race for Lost in the Fog before that event. [Contra Costa Times]
- The Calder meet ended in unspeakable tragedy with the sudden death of racing secretary Bob Umphrey. We always feel sorrow anytime that a young man of 53 dies so unexpectedly, but when I consider the fact that he was talented and fortunate enough to have a dream job that most of us would do anything for, it makes it all the more heartrending. Umphrey was credited with revitalizing the Miami track with innovations such as the Grand Slam stakes series and the Summit of Speed program, and this year’s Princess Rooney stakes will be the first Grade 1 in track history. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends.


Anonymous said...

...just wondering who you guys like in the big game tonight, i haven't heard anyone mention it!...growing up in Texas, of course i'd like to see the Longhorns win, but i actually made a one-unit play on USC (-7) last night...i think their experience in the big game last year will give them an edge here, plus it's pretty much a home game for them, right down the street in the Rose doubt Texas' defense is stronger thna any USC has faced thus far, but with the offensive talent on that team, i'm sure they camn more than hold their own...i don't doubt the Horns can score on USC (i do expect them to get their fair share of points), but i just don't think they can outscore the Trojans...also of interest, i met a guy from Texas the other day (he had stopped in Vegas on his way out to the game), and he told me the Horns have had trouble containing "fast running backs" this year...hmmm, does USC have a fast running back??? should have a huge game, as usual, but i also expect the Trojans to have some success using him as a decoy as doubt Texas will be so keyed-in on Bush, Leinart should be able to hit somre guys downfield on the play-action pass...they might also have some success on mis-direction plays...we shall any case, i'm really looking forward to the game...should be a great one to watch...

Ruben Bailey said...

Interesting note I heard on last nights radio telecast of the PSU-FSU game. Color commentator: (not sure who it was, he was good, but I had never heard of him before!)
"I think Texas has the better team, but USC (w/ Pete Carroll) will win."

I like USC -7 as well. I will also offer up (with really no good reason) that I will take the under as well.....

Hey Walter..maybe you could give us NFL fans some early Super Bowl odds for this post season....(BTW, I somehow scored tix to Seattle's first home playoff game which will hopefully be against my G-Men!!!!)

Alan Mann said...

Can't help you with the Rose Bowl tonight. I'm only good for horses and hockey. Sometimes.

Teaman said...

Sorry guys...I feel like a heel for not reading this sooner. I came home from the track,checked in here and either missed this bit about the football game. I was posting on your blog from 1/2/06 and got carried away with one of my "Keenland Tales". At the very end I said something like "Sorry for the spelling..but I've got to go watch Texas pull off a huge upset" At the time I could hear my T V in the other room and USC had taken a 7-0 lead just as I was finishing my post. I considered wiping out my "chirp" on Texas...but I left it. Not that anyone would want to bet real $$$ on MY football pks., but it was posted too late to "get action" even if someone was inclined to do so. I didn't even get down and was "chirrpin" Texas to my pals who were insisting USC was a LOCK. I literally stole 3 games over the weekend. (2 actually..'Bama WAS lock material) I had Iowa St.(+3 1/2) Sat. and at the track, early into that game I asked a guy if he knew the score. "T C U is up 14-0" he said. Oh well..I thought,I better hit some horses 'cuz I'm going to owe the "MAN" -$55. I get home,check score,TCU W's by 3..but I had the "hook" so I'm +$50!!! Sunday..It's Redskins -7 1/2..Joe Gibbs is going to steamroll into the playoffs agnst the Eagles who've already flown south for the winter right?? WRONG..Brunnel was horrible and I spent the day screaming for Patrick Ramsey to get in the game. 4th Qtr..2:30 to go.Skins are up 24-20..Philly w/ the ball. Even if "Skins get it back they're going to run out the clock and W by 4. @ -7 1/2..I'm fucked for sure..NO chance. But the D is strong and Detmer gets the ball stripped and Sean Taylor scoops it up (instead of just falling on it like he should have) and runs 40 yds. to the end zone!! about devine intervention..THAT was IT. T-Man..up another +$50. F F to Mon. My 2nd "Bowl Lock"..( Bost.Col was my 1st but my bookie fuckin' left town or wouldn't answer his phone and I missed it!! Prick!)
Alabama...+3 1/2 !!
(My bookie should enter a BASS tournement he's got so many "hooks" in the water every week) I'm thinking about trying to double my +$100 on Bama..but I stick to the plan. $55 bet (Greed KILLS) Tight game..Bama's Def is holding as figured but Off. is not firing. Plus 2 or 3 missed FG's aint helping. End of game..0:04 left..
45 yd. FG attempt..
"Oh well...I'm heading to O T..I just hope if Tex Tech steals a W it's by a FG and not some freakish T D. Ball is snapped..the hold..the kick.. Has anyone seen such a "wounded duck" F G in their lives?? I hadn't. But "It's GOOD!!!" "Bama Wins 13-10...I'm up another +$50 Devine Intervention AGAIN!! I'm really starting to believe this is one of those days..where everything is gonna go right. ( I DO believe in D I by the way..It happens to good people) Most of you won't believe this next part but I swear on my eyes it's true.
Santa Anita is the slop i'm sure. I don't have a form,just entries from the NY Post. I'm going to push my D I theory to the limit. I'm gonna play some $1 Tri keys thru my phone acct. @ Plainridge in MA. for the hell of it.
My favorite combo. 5/1-2-6..$6 bets for R's 2 thru 6 and take it from there. There's a lot of Scr's s so I only end up risking about $20+. 2nd-5h..Nothing. 6th R 5-1-2 Tri Hits!! Another $117 goes into the Acct. Thank You Lord!!! Un-fuckin-real I'm thinking..What did I do right do deserve this glorious start to 2006?? 8;15 PM..Georgia -8 to West Va..I love the Dawgs by DblD's. Should I "hammer down"?? Just How blessed am I today??
I can turn my +$150 into +$300 or only pay -$15 if it blows up..what to do? We all know "What goes UP must come DOWN" so I stick to the plan,
Georgia..10 x (-55/+50) Early 2nd Qtr... West Va.28 'Dawgs-0 and sleepwalking..and I'm giving -8 !! Party's OVER,God has left the building. My +$150 is now +$95. But it's now Weds.PM and the "Feel" is gone so i back off on Texas. I want my man to PAY a fair amnt. this wk. Since I've refined my football betting (NO MORE PARLAYS!!) he's actually been paying me regular for a change. I'm 99% sure I'm UP on the year if I checked my record. (I keep track of ALL my football bets) After 15-20 yrs of net L's..I'm determined to get 1 yr. in the net W column. Whew...sure is a long winded story about why I didn't have Texas last night. What can I mind and fast fingers I guess. I hope you guys don't mind these long soliloquys..if you do say so. I won't take offense

Anonymous said...

the most interesting thing about that 'Fog article is the suggestion that he could go maybe a mile at most. hmmm. makes some sense, though.