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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Rounding Up

- Another black mark for Ohio's Learn and Earn, as chairman Charlie Ruma admitted that their campaign ads, which claimed that the slots would raise "almost a billion dollars a year" for college education, was misleading. "If I can, I'll stop it today," Ruma said Tuesday. [AP]

The group originally claimed that the figure would be $700 million, but a subsequent study put the number at $853 million. That led to the exaggerated claim in the ads, because after all, what's $147 million between friends?

Patrick Bero, president of Strategic Partner, said Learn and Earn's claims of "almost a billion dollars" for college education "is a lot of rounding [off] for me."

"If it was my commercial, I'd say $853 million and let the people take it for what they will," Bero said. [Cleveland Plain Dealer]

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Anonymous said...

Just read about Cindago's injury, which is career-threatening and will keep him out "at least six months". What a downer. The horse had been working exceptionally well, and looked to have an extremely bright future.

Lower on the page, in the same article, the Racing Form said that Horse Greeley "accentuated his role as favorite for the Grade 2 Norfolk Stakes on Sunday" with a fast workout in 58.60. This is at least the 3rd time i've seen DRF describe Horse Greeley as either the favorite for the Norfolk, or the leader of the West Coast juvenile contingent. If there's one category of horses that i know, it's West Coast juveniles, and there's absolutely no way that Horse Greeley is better than Principle Secret, at least up to this point. In fact, Principle Secret has already beaten Horse Greeley. Of course, the two-turn thing is an open question, and who knows how either one will respond to that challenge. But suffice to say, if Horse Greeley goes favored in the Norfolk, i'll be very pleased. In regard to the whole two-turn thing, Horse Greeley's mom is none other than Chile Chatte, an extremely talented route filly who also happened to be trained by Mandella, just as Horse Greeley is. If i remember correctly, she was a rather large, robust filly, just as Horse Greeley himself is a large physical specimen. So despite the fact that he was sired by Mr. Greeley, it seems that Horse Greeley is takes after his mother to some degree. So i would imagine he'll stretch out pretty well, at least into the 1 1/16 or 1 1/8 range. A third contender for the Norfolk is Malt Magic, who unlike Horse Greley and Principle Secret, has already won around two turns. He also happened to outwork Point Ashley the other day, right before that one ran second in the Oak Leaf. So i'd look for him to run well also. Gotta side with Principle Secret until proven otherwise, however. He rivals EZ Warrior for the best 2yo i've seen this year, and to my eyes he looks like the current favorite for the BC Juvenile.