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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Odds and Ends

- Clicked on to the Daily Politics blog today, and whaddya know, two banner ads from the SL Green/Hard Rock group. Here's their website. Seriously, would they really build that giant guitar? Could run afoul of FAA regulations, someone might bring a small plane down on the main track out for Ussery's Alley. I love the artist's conception of the crowd. Well-dressed, young, racially diverse; a couple of them appear to be ghosts. Oh yeah, just your typical slots parlor crowd.

- Beethoven is coming to the Breeders Cup. No, not the Oxley-Ward three-year old who won the G2 Ky Jockey Club, and then disappeared after a couple of disappointing, though not disastrous, stakes efforts this spring.

Trainer John Ward said Wednesday, March 25, that Beethoven had sustained a slight injury to his left front leg and will “be on sidelines for short period.” []
Haven't seen nor heard of him since. I checked Stallion Register, and he's not listed there. Yet.

This Beethoven is a two-year old, from the first crop of the two-time Group 1 winner Oratorio, who upset the Group 1 Dewhurst Stakes for Aidan O'Brien last weekend. He will switch to the Pro-Ride and run in the Juvenile. Beethoven is out of a Sadlers Wells mare, and this is the distaff family of last year's Classic runner-up Henrythenavigator (they have the same third dam, and Henrythenavigator is also out of a Sadlers Wells mare.)

- Kentucky's Wagering Integrity Committee will recommend that pools close when the clock strikes zero, as in 0 MTP. The tracks are opposed, and who can blame them given the wagering declines they are already dealing with. And besides, as Chris Scherf of the TRA pointed out, the odds are going to change after betting is closed in any event. "You may get the bad news before the race starts, but you're still going to get bad news." [DRF] So people are still going to grumble; that's the nature of gamblers, whether it's a late move on the tote board or on an NFL game.

If the Wagering Integrity Committee wants to improve wagering integrity, how about worrying about important things, like the integrity of the races themselves? To me, this is yet another case of the industry worrying too much about perception. I mean, c'mon, this is gambling, and it's just a game, for me anyway. A horse gets punched late and wins by five. In my mind, if you can't just smile knowingly and move on to the next race, perhaps you should find some other way to spend your time and money.


Anonymous said...

This SL Green outfit spent some money on this self promoting web-site. If they were winning the contest in Albany, I'm not so sure they would be spending all theese resources and effort in the public forum?

Are all the decison makers back in the state now? PICK a winner!

Anonymous said...

Interested Horseman

If SL Green, aren't 1st choice, after their downgrade last week, that leaves Aqueduct Enterainment Group, main one that has & will 'directly', involve the Queens community & NY Racing, regardless of what NYRA say.

Anonymous said...

Last comment seems logical based on everything presented for public consupmtion.

Anonymous said...

Cant wait to dust off my leisure suit, gas up the stretch limo and head out to Ozone Park for a night on the town!

Anonymous said...

Will this horse need to be called Beethoven II so as not to confuse the wagering public, a la Canonero II (and we all remember the original Canonero right?).

How does this happen exactly, two colts with the same name born a couple of years apart?

Anonymous said...

If they really want the odds to stop changing late they would need to cut off simulcast and internet wagering with 5mtp, thereby giving the on track patrons an advantage and possibly even creating incentive to go the the track.

Thats one way to reward the loyal but dwindling on track customer base.

Alan Mann said...

>>How does this happen exactly, two colts with the same name born a couple of years apart?

I suppose it's because the Jockey Club regulates names here, and they have their own such agency there.

Going by the example of some bands that have run into this problem, they might refer to him as Beethoven UK....or Beethoven Jr.

Unknown said...

Once SL Green and Bob Johnson leave the scene, it will be the Seminoles in charge of the Aqueduct racino if their bid succeeds. And they not exactly a desirable partner to government officials.

Do we really want these guys operating in New York State?