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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Stop! [UPDATE - and Start Again]

A State Supreme Court Justice has thrown a wrench into the Lottery's tightly structured timetable to recommend a racino operator to Governor Paterson by August 3; the first such disruption since the process started. (Of course, in its favor, Lottery now only has one company to investigate.) Judge Barry Kramer sided with Aqueduct Entertainment Company (AEC....not to be confused with AEG....or AIG) and temporarily restrained and/or rejoined the Lottery from continuing its vetting of one at least until a July 23 hearing in Schenectady.

"It’s a good thing when the court can recognize that administrative agencies are doing screwy things," said Latif Doman, a lawyer for Aqueduct Entertainment Company..." []
If the attorney's name sounds familiar, perhaps you were following the trial of Taylar Nuevelle, the Washington DC woman who was convicted of stalking her ex-girlfriend, a DC Supreme Court Judge. Not only did Doman lose that case, but his client received the maximum sentence, prompting him to quip:
“The lesson of this is don’t have a bad break up with a lesbian judge....It means you go to jail for five and a half years.” [Washington Post]
My feeling is that Mr. Doman will have to come up with some similarly pithy line when this suit is thrown out. I happen to agree with their fundamental complaint, that it was unfair for Sheldon Silver to impose new and what many feel were unreasonable licensing demands at that stage of the game. But AEC benefited from changes in the "rules" more than anyone else; if not for the Paterson Administration's moving of the goalposts and, perhaps, the information they received from Senator Sampson, AEC AEG would have been left in the dust. We know that they were amongst the lower rated contestants up to that point. So for AEG AEC to now complain that Silver changed the rules is incongruous, hypocritical, and fairly outrageous. Besides, Genting is far more qualified financially and experience-wise. So it's time for AEC to get lost and take their damn acronyms with them.

And if I'm wrong about this, you can be damn sure that they'll be subsequent lawsuits from the other bidders, and a protracted legal battle could be, for once and for all, the final act in this farce.

Judge Kramer may have stopped the process for now, but he can't stop Genting from presenting its plans to the local Community Board 10. They will do so at a public meeting scheduled for 6 PM on Thursday at the Big A.

[UPDATE: The judge lifted his order...Lottery may continue, but cannot submit its recommendation to the governor at least until the hearing on July 23.]


Anonymous said...

No wonder people have lost all faith in government to govern, be it the crooks down in Washington, or the crooks in Albany. While our so-called representatives fight over the spoils, nothing gets done, and the well is about to go dry.

Even the desperate need for cash has not brought compromise on the VLT fiasco. I'm with you, Alan, the message to these gridlockers is: "Stop!!!!" Genting is the only company that can get this done so let's get on with it. /S/greenmtnpunter

SaratogaSpa said...

9 years of screwing around, all the while not cashing in on the slots craze of the last decade. We could have had slots way back in 2002 when the economy was good, retirees were more than happy to spend all day at a racino, and VLT competition was sparse. Now, if and when we finally see VLTs in NY, there are so many more gambling choices out there, we are not in flush times, and eventually the slots craze will ebb.

Figless said...

By the time VLT's actually appear at a NYRA facility every other track will have table games.

Then it will take 10+ years before table games get approved.

As someone trying to breed NY Breds it is time to punt, either give up completely or move to another state.

Would you rather gamble on NJ continuing MTH subsidies than on VLT's in NY?

jk said...

I like the sound of this one.....

NYRA Among Groups Trying To Take Over OTB
By Tom Precious
Updated: Thursday, July 15, 2010 7:28 PM

Figless said...

Appears the lame duck status of Patterson might be just what nyra needed, unless of course he hands NYC OTB to some politically appointed private group.

Anonymous said...

Mystery Bird 6-1.


Figless said...

one week from opening day at saratoga, woohoo!!!

yeah i know, it just seems way to early to get all excited about this meet, as the week wears and I see the entries hopefully the card will be so good compared to the recent Belmont fare that I will be motivated to deposit some money in my account and make a day of it.

DiscreetPicks said...

Emerald Downs - Race 6

#9 Big Bad Brown (5/1 ml)

First-time starter for the outstanding debut trainer Jim Penney had worked heads-up three straight times with The Gang and I, who came out of those drills to score first time out. Big Bad Brown later worked heads-up with Burgundy Hill, who ran a big race in his debut, finishing second by a neck. Frankly, i'm surprised that Big Bad Brown has taken this long to be entered in a race, but he hasn't missed any works, and considering he's been entered directly in a stakes for his debut, there's little doubt he's in fine shape. Seems likely that Penney was just saving him for this more lucrative spot. Rider Gutierrez gets the call here, and according to the Racing Form, he's ridden 4 first-time starters for Penney at the meet, resulting in 3 wins and a second. Yeah, i think this one's live.

DiscreetPicks said...

Went off @ 4/1 and finished 6th, but it wasn't a bad effort at all. He hopped badly at the gate and then veered sharply to the outside, costing him several lengths and ruining any chance he had at winning the race. After that, started moving noticeably well up the backside, making up several lengths before they entered the turn.

That was it though, as he came wide into the stertch and was still probably 7 lengths off the lead with most of the field in front of him. Gutierrez took him back inside to save some ground, and he made a steady rally up the inside to miss 4th by about a neck. Not sure if he was going to win anyway, but the break definitely did him in.

Check out the race on CalRacing. I wouldn't hesitate to back this horse again if he gets dropped into a maiden race at any kind of reasonable price.