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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Novel Argument

- David Grening reports in the Form that the DC 37 and Local 2021 unions representing former NYC OTB workers is launching a "longshot plan"....not to reopen the parlors, but rather to recover monies previously paid to the state’s racetracks that would be used toward paying health and welfare benefits, estimated, according to the Form, at more than $230 million.

Union attorney Curtis] Mechling argued that NYCOTB was making statutory payments to New York’s racetracks but that “OTB did not get back fair value in return” for those payments and that “OTB was insolvent at the time it made these payments.”
Well, I for one would surely like to read those court papers to see just how it was that the product provided by NYRA and the other racetracks in return for the minuscule percentages paid to them did not constitute fair value. That must be quite the novel argument.

In arguing to dismiss the bankruptcy case, lawyers for NYC OTB told the court that “There is nothing left of New York City OTB except a board of directors and a corporate shell." [DRF] Does that mean that Greg Rayburn is no longer collecting his $125,000 per month salary?

An editorial on Monday in the Saratogian, entitled 41 days since New York City OTB shutdown, says:
The immediate need, however, is for legislation to reopen NYC OTB to protect the interests of horse racing, which is critical to the Saratoga economy. We’re going to keep counting and hollering in this space every day until action is taken.
That makes one of you.


Anonymous said...

Not much difference between the Union's and the Mafia.

DiscreetPicks said...

Gulfstream - Race 7

#1 Trippi's Charm, #1A R King of the Road (4/1 ml)

Alright, a little background for you. Back on January 6 @ Gulfsteam, R King of the Road was entered as part of an entry with Travelin Man, with John Velazquez named to ride on both horses, meaning one would scratch (the exact same situation as today). R King of the Road was scratched, leaving Travelin Man to run alone, and Travelin Man then made a mockery of the race, winning off by 7 lengths in 1:09 flat. R King of the Road had worked heads-up with Travelin Man going into that race, which is great, but he's not even the one i like here. Rather, i prefer Trippi's Charm, who himself had worked heads-up with Travelin Man, not once, but SIX OUT OF THEIR EIGHT PREVIOUS DRILLS. That goes all the way back to when they were stabled at Monmouth Park together. And if that isn't enough, Trippi's Charm then worked heads-up with Razmataz on Dec 30. Razmataz, as you know, has since out of that drill to win an allowance race. Going a bit further on that angle, Pletcher also worked an unraced maiden named Shared Heart with Razmataz recently, and Shared Heart of course won by 10 lengths for us on Sunday. As stated above however, Trippi's Charm is part of an entry here and may scratch. I would expect he'll be the one to run, for obvious reasons, but R King of the Road was already scratched out of the previous race, so he may indeed get the call here. Also, Trippi's Charm disappeared from the worktab for 13 days following that Razmataz work, so i was afraid at one point that something might've happened to him. It doesn't look like it now, but who knows. The reason i went ahead and listed both horses here (rather than making it Trippi's Charm-only) is because i still endorse R King of the Road off that prior heads-up drill with Travelin Man. I'm hoping it's Trippi's Charm though.

Update: It appears that Pletcher has decided to run both, as the only change that's showing right now is Javier Castellano being named to ride Trippi's Charm. I think i might make a portion of my play to Place, because there's a decent chance they could run 1-2 here and sweep the pool.

Anonymous said...

I recommend you keep your picks discreet.

DiscreetPicks said...

I'm shocked and embarrassed. The horse showed nothing.

Figless said...

That makes one of you :-)

I am shocked at the Saratogian's simpleton view.

Reopen OTB??? How exactly do they propose that occur.

As for the unions, piss off.

You had a fair settlement on the table and declined. You lose.

steve in nc said...

Anon 11:47 - the unions are making a terrible argument here, but jeez. The unions are representing ordinary working people who aren't rich and are trying to get pensions. You can thank unions for weekends. And the mafia represents??? And you can thank it for??? Then again, you were probably educated by a unionized teacher, so maybe you are your own best argument.

Anonymous said...

there u go again steve in nc running your big mouth eh...

steve in nc said...

I do when I have something to say. What do you have to say about anything being discussed here?

El Angelo said...

Go Jets!