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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Taken for a Swedish Ride

Before some Stockholm photos, thought you'd like this one of a Paris 'PMU,' the equivalent of OTB...actually just a regular old tabac that takes bets on, and carries live feeds of French horse racing. Gotta love those images of the bettors having such a great time! Reminds you of NYC OTB, eh?

And one more from Paris (for now)....the gravesite of Serge Gainsbourgh in the Montparnesse Cemetary. No, that's not the one where Jim Morrison is, where we visited last year, and which is just spectacular, and would be even if Morrison wasn't there. This one doesn't really compare in the artistry of the tombstones nor the picturesque setting. But it does have some celebrities, Jean Seberg and Jean-Paul Satre amongst them. But Gainsbourgh's is by far the most decorated.

Now, on to Stockholm, which is as uniquely enchanting as advertised....and as expensive too. Pays to stay in the Euro zone of debt crises these days. And have to admit that this "sophisticated" traveler got totally ripped off by a Stockholm cab driver upon arrival. Not that we didn't know what was happening; in fact, the Head Chef went into the hotel for help. The very nice man who was manning the front desk at the Columbus Hotel where we're staying came out to help. They had an animated conversation in Swedish, of which I couldn't possibly comprehend a single syllable, after which he dejectedly shrugged and told us the guy wasn't budging....and that the police are generally no help whatsoever in these situations. They just agree with whatever the meter says. So just beware next time you happen to drop by here.

Visited Olde Town on Thursday, and ran across a place called the Wooden Horse Museum. No photos allowed there (this one is from their site), but thought you guys might appreciate taking a look at the website.

Some photos:

Olde Town:

Also visited the National Museum; and besides a solid permanent collection, there was an absolutely fantastic exhibit of late 19th century Russian Art; just wonderful. Reminded me that we don't really see much Russian art in NYC, but the few times I have, they have surely been memorable. Maybe this exhibit will make it to New York...would definitely check it out again if it does.

And ended the day at Restaurant Pelikan, where, after being treated to a solid mix of American indie rock while waiting for a table in the bar area (and where we ran into a fellow Ranger fan, from Washington DC), we, or at least, I, dined on, what else, Swedish meatballs!

One more full day here, and the Rangers game tomorrow night - and we're already regretting we're not here longer (though we probably couldn't afford much more). Then we're heading towards home on Saturday....though not before a 24 hour stopover in Reykjavik, Iceland. In the wacky and always wonderful world of airfares, it actually cost us slightly less to book this multi-leg journey than it would have to simply fly from Paris and back. Go figure. Though the difference was barely enough to pay for a taxi ride in Stockholm....even a legit one! Vi ses senare!

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Did you check out all the links you provided. LATG now "x" rated.