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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Box Seats Scoop a Whole Lotta Nothing

Must have been a slow day in the world of Albany politics for Jim Odato and the Times Union when they filed a Freedom of Information request to find out who is paying what for box seats at Saratoga.  Or, maybe Odato was just endeavoring to dig up some more dirt on NYRA, as he is wont to do.

So, here's the list if you care, and it's clear that Odato came up with a whole lot of nothing in terms of anything scandalous; other than perhaps the fact that NYRA initially resisted the request, which probably had more to do with the fact that they find Odato annoying more than having anything to hide.  Not much news here, just a bunch of horse owners and breeders and organizations related to horse racing.  (And no, Joe Bruno is not on the list.)   Freebies are reserved for sponsors, local businesses, and horsemen.

At $9,044 for the prime locations, it's actually not a bad deal.  Five seats to a box, 40 racing days....comes to less around $45 per seat per day for a seat on the finish line.  Less than it costs me for my seats upstairs for the team in the sport that I'm not blogging about this season as part of my mini-boycott over the lockout nonsense.

And there's one seat in one box that will surely remain empty.

 NYRA also controls several boxes to offer to visiting owners and others, including one in case the governor attends a race.
Seriously....would it kill this guy to, just once, in an attempt to at least present the illusion that he cares, hop into his limo for a 30 minute drive?  I'm sure his duties as governor require him to perform tasks and to see people that are far more distasteful than what he would encounter there.  I mean, c'mon governor, would you rather be hanging out with David Cassidy or with this guy?


August Song said...

Following up on my last comment about New York thoroughbred racing having begun a reversal and starting to thrive once again.In 2 years, I predict it will have become a horseracing mecca once again. Hopefully, Joe Drape can find employment, maybe at the National Enquirer.

Figless said...

Shocking that Joe Drape's name doesn't appear on the box seat list, and for that matter nor does his employer but I suppose they cant afford the tix.

steve in nc said...

Is it someone repeatedly blowing their nose I keep hearing with 16 MTP for race from Dubai on HRTV? No commentary, just crowd noise. Better than Mike Battaglia even with the nasal noises.

Fig, I think NYRA probably feels bound to let Drape sit in the press box, and the races are not the kind of scene one would likely find Times mucky-mucks, who most assuredly could afford it.

I suspect there isn't much banter between Drape and the regular racing writers, but that probably makes Drape feel like he's living up to I.F. Stone's teachings about not being close to the people one covers.