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Monday, August 04, 2014

We Know Where He Lives

The governor is pissed.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, “crazed with anger” and increasingly abusive to those around him, fears the first round of public polling since the “Morelandgate” scandal will take a major toll on his — until-now — sky-high popularity, administration insiders say. [NY Post]
Cuomo was so furious that he reportedly turned red and spit his coffee at the mention of Preet.......oh wait, sorry, wrong embattled governor.

But anyway, he's damn mad.
“The bad news is starting to stick. This is very serious,’’ a senior Cuomo administration figure nervously told The Post.
Nervously because he's nervous for Cuomo? Or that somebody would find out he's talking to Fredric U. Dicker about the governor?

And furthermore:
Cuomo’s mood was further inflamed when Teachout’s name was placed over the governor’s on the primary ballot late last week by the state Board of Elections.
That's Zephyr Teachout, mounting a primary challenge from the left flank of the Democratic party. Ms. Teachout was denied the Workers Family Party line when the governor finally committed to ending the minority Republicans' hold on the Senate.  (Of course, that will be up to the voters as well.)  Cuomo is trying to get her kicked off the ballot for not having lived in the state for five years....but that's another story.  Ms. Teachout is indeed in the top slot on the ballot, with the governor sandwiched between her and Randy Credico.  He's only the most progressive candidate since Franklin D. Roosevelt.  Oh, you don't believe that?  See for yourselves:

Anyway, that doesn't sound like a very dignified position for the reigning King of Albany, so I'm sure he chafes when he sees this:

Hey, wait a minute.  Is that Cuomo's home address?

Whaddya know!  I've always wanted to know where Sandra Lee lives, let's take a look.

Nice.  Looks very secluded.  Let's take a wider view.

Looks very green.  Seems familiar too, think I've seen something like that recently.

Oh yeah, this:

That's the area in Tyre, right next to where the Dawleys and the Nearpass families live, where Wilmot wants to plop a casino.  And it's not too unlike this area too:

That marker is on Thompson Hill Road in East Greenbush, right around where Saratoga Raceway & Casino and Churchill Downs want to build their gambling facility.  Not quite as remote as the others with a shopping center and Holiday Inn nearby; but still plenty of green, a nearby girl scouts camp, and families living just to the south.

So, that naturally raises the question: How would Governor Cuomo and Sandra Lee feel if somebody came along to build a casino and a hotel and a water park and whatever else at, oh let's say around 12 Bittersweet Lane in Mount Kisco?  What do you think he would believe would happen to his property values if there was traffic and lights and noise and people of questionable character lurking around his little green paradise?  And if he felt that the Mount Kisco town board was proceeding behind closed doors without weighing the wishes of the community?  I bet he'd be pretty darn mad.  Mad enough to turn red and spit coffee.


Dan said...

Alan, Before every election in NY- every persons name on the ballot appears including their home address. This was the case in the last presidential elections that included all home addresses. I'm not sure what home address was included for Romney. I think he gave a MA address. He had a few homes to pick.

jk said...

Credico has the look of a Belmont railbird. How bad could he be?

jk said...

I saw the NYRA press release touting Belmont attendance up 7% for the 2014 spring summer meet vs 2013.

If you exclude Belmont Stakes day for both years (102,000 vs 47,000) attendance was down 15%.

Nice try by management to take credit for the bump in attendance due to a possible triple crown.