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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Izquierda en la Puerta

- This is really cool; on Google, I can translate this blog into Spanish, among other languages. I like some of the horse’s names. Sweet Catomine is Catomine Dulce, Don’t Get Mad is No Consigue Enojado, Naughty New Yorker is Tomar el Gotham, High Fly is La Mosca Alta – I like that one. “And here comes La Mosca Alta!” – now THAT sounds like a classic winner! I think I'd like him more if that was his name. Some of the names are rather humorous, since it translates any portion of the name that it can. So we have El Puerto de Rockport, and El Especiero de Galloping (lol), Azul y Royals, and El Héroe de Andromeda. I especially like the translation for trainer – amaestrador. That sounds very distinguished, I can picture Wayne Lukas, the Amaestrador, splendidly costumed like a cross between a bullfighter and orchestra conductor, waving a little cape as he directs his caballeros out to el tracko!

- Evangeline Downs opens its inaugural thoroughbred meeting at its new slots-laden facility tonight – it's one of my favorite simulcast tracks featuring consistently large and competitive fields.

- Another tough break for Wilko.

Wilko must break from post 11, which is 1 for 27 in the race, the victory coming with Your Host in 1950. [Courier-Journal]

- Rockport Harbor’s connections have declined to participate in the side bet proposed by Wild Desert’s owner, but Don Borislow has no hard feelings.
As far as he's concerned, Rockport Harbor trainer John Servis "single-handedly brought slots to Pennsylvania and saved the horse industry" by what he did training Smarty Jones last year.[Philadelphia Inquirer]

- LA Times columnist TJ Simers calls Dodgers fans and the team’s webmaster idiots:
ON MONDAY, the Dodger website asked fans, "Who will start the fourth game of the year for the Dodgers?" Fans were given four choices, Wilson Alvarez ,Elmer Dessens ,D.J. Houlton and Ryan Rupe .

I'm not sure if it's an indication of how knowledgeable Dodger fans are these days or what kind of people read the website, but Alvarez had the lead with 42% of the votes even though he's on the disabled list and not eligible to pitch. It kind of speaks to the knowledge of those who are running too. [LA Times]
How do you say "stupid hypocrite" en espanol?


Anonymous said...

Remind me not to use Google when I'm trying to explain something to a Spanish-speaking groom. :)

Izquierda means left as in left-hand, left side, turn to the left, the political Left, etc.

I'd probably use "dejado" or, for emphasis perhaps, "abandonado." The latter has sort of a ring to it too.


Alan Mann said...

Yeah, I think these translations are a bit off. I don't think La Mosca Alta quite conveys what the owners of High Fly had in mind, unless they were thinking about a stoned horsefly.