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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thanks LATG

Alan is away, but his co-author (the guy that keeps his standings up to date and finds a Ranger picture every now and then) is still here. And, I thought it would be fun to have a little sign-in book for Left at the Gate so he can come back to so warm wishes. It's gonna be hard to come back and get reconnected to the world.

Alan is one of the original members of the Thoroughbred Bloggers Alliance, and at one point he was writing two blogs (the other about the Rangers), but didn't have the words to keep both running I guess, plus the blue shirts haven't really helped his cause.

His first post was 1/6/2005 and since then he has written 3,558 more. Someone better at math than me can figure how many a day that was. He has made many in the industry worry with certain words and opinions, and he has made more in the industry happy w/ even handed treatment and opinion.

Drop a note, and I'll try and get around to approving them quick as I can.

Thanks Alan. Oh and sorry for changing your blog roll picture, figured I can't be all well wishes ;-P


DiscreetPicks said...

With all due respect to Handride (and the numerous other blogs out there), i think LATG the best horseracing blog in the country. The best i've come across, anyway. The story links that Alan continually comes up with are a benefit to us all, as are his own unique writing talents. I've been a reader from near the beginning, and if anything, LATG is only getting better. Kudos to Alan, and the many other contributors here. I look forward to reading LATG each and every day.

Anonymous said...

When will alan be getting out of Jail?

Steve D said...

Thank you for all that you have done to advance the cause of racing through your blog.

Despite your inexplicably left wing politics and your obsession with whether or not a horse is alive or dead "on the board, you have raised the standard for citizen reporting on horse racing.

Your efforts have made a tremendous impact on me and provided me a forum for spouting off on my own views!

Who says the right and left can't get along and engage in civilized debate? One thing we do agree on, however, is that racing is the greatest game out there, despite the efforts of those in charge to screw it up as much as possible.

Looking forward to the next 3,000 posts!

Steve D

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I'm not a fan anymore, since the majority of my posts, which I felt were very appropriate (esppecially compared to some others) were never given media time. I've posted on other blogs, and there never was an issue.

What I especially find disturbing is, that I thought one of this blog's goals was to share information for the betterment of all. When I shared a few weeks back that there was an extreme disadvantage about 3 y.o.'s against their olders mates in maiden special races, you touted one of the two in the race, and gave 4 or 5 reasons that you felt that that horse would be the one. Not only did you not realize that the other older horse (a filly) had run against colts and geldings, with a very favorable result (4th), she had finished only a couple of lengths in that race behind the colt who won the previous day's maiden special for colts and geldings. It was a $31 horse. Anyone with an ounce of handicapping smarts would have realized who to bet. I think you created your own personal blog. Good Luck with listening to what you think. I, for one, am outta here.

Sunny Jim said...

@ ANON 3:46 P.M. -
If nobody knows who you are, then how can we tell if you really left or not?

Anyway THANKS Alan for the amazing effort you put into this place, starting out as just one racing fan with a keyboard.

Cheers, and long may you run.

Anonymous said...

Sunny Jim, Alan knows because he chose edit it out. It's called selective perception.

Anonymous said...


Live long and Prosper !

Anonymous said...

are you kidding " his own unique writing talents" LOL

where do u come from Discreet.... oh I know where.

you mean to tell me we get no hunch bets this week,,,damn

Anonymous said...

Anon, I saw your post and do not understand your comment regarding "media time"?

You commented, it was there for all to read.

Not Alan's job to respond to all comments in a timely fashion, but I actually do remember him addressing later in post race recap.

I highly doubt he edited your comment, he sometimes refuses to post certain comments in full but only when they reach the level of distasteful.

If you find otherwise, please elaborate.

SaratogaSpa said...

informative, insightful, sometimes snarky and always full of wit. A reason I read blogs like this

Nice Anon.... said...

This blog is on my daily must-read list. Although I never comment, I truly enjoy the writing style, insight, links, and frequent laughs.

Looking forward to more!

steve in nc said...

"An iceberg of sanity and clarity in a CO2-warmed sea of trash and sewage."

or is it

"An iceberg lettuce topped with artificial Bac-Ohs in a sea of politically-correct bottled dressing."

You decide. Alan actually reports. And analyzes, links and respects all sides. Alan, you da Mann. On-line fresh arugala.

Anon 3:46 - I saw your post about 4 year olds versus younguns, kicked myself hard after the race, and swore to watch for that again. So don't leave. I want to learn the rest of what you know. But don't grouse about needing to be a headline act. If you get THAT famous, your horses will pay $3.10 instead of $31.

Erin said...

From the first blog entry I read, for which I sent you an email thanking you for your good writing, grammar, and opinions, I've been left satisfied, not "left at the gate" (sorry!), with your contribution to the landscape of horse racing media outlets I frequent daily.

Thanks Alan, thanks for putting words to what I'm often thinking that no one else is saying, and cheers to many, many more blog posts.

Anonymous said...

oh my no HUNCH BETS till Alan comes back. What am I to do now. I enjoy the entertainment hunch bets. I can't go so long without them. Ah but Discreet is here he will give out his 2 page long description of why he likes a horse he pisks. Go Discreet

Anonymous said...

Keep this corner of the web rolling.

May never get to the Big A or Elmont,NY but when LATG goes it feels like you are there.

Anonymous said...

Hey Alan,

Your touts never win and your reporting reminds ne of a marketing pamphlet for NYRA. How about giving it up after your vaction

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but after last years debacle on and off the track which left many patrons with a bad taste in their mouth, how in the world does NYRA justify increasing ticket prices for the Belmont?

To do so, especially in this economy, defies reality.

I thought about suing them for lack of services last year, my wife will never return, and I get an invoice in the mail with a 12.5%increase?

Tone deaf doesn't begin to describe NYRA.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Anon, but NYRA is our SOB, and still the best choice albeit a Hobson's Choice. Alan, keep up the good work all around, LATG is still the best racing blog out there, freely and seriously discussing all major issues affecting the racing game.

I see that the Parting Glass racing partnership in Saratoga Springs is organizing to lobby Albany to get off their butts and get the VLT's on line at The Big A. Good for them, all racing fans need to put the heat on Albany, especially the Guv, to get this done NOW. /S/greenmtnpunter

DiscreetPicks said...

Gulfstream - Race 10

#2 Quality Road (2/1 ml)

Impressive Fountain of Youth winner sat off blazing early fractions and yet was still pulling away at the end, finishing 4 lengths in front of Theregoesjojo (who in turn finished another 4 lengths ahead of everyone else). As such, Quality Road looks to hold a clear pace advantage here, particularly with the fractions figuring to be much slower here on the stretchout to two turns. I'm not concerned with potential pace foes Casey's on Call or the Pletcher "rabbit" Europe, as Quality Road proved last time that he can sit off the pace if need be. That also bodes well for his chances of getting the extra distance here, as he looks capable of relaxing in a stalking position (again, particularly with the slower pace). Holds the class-edge on Dunkirk, and looks set to run another big one here. Btw, much has been made of the fact that Dunkirk needs to win this race in order to make the Derby, but Quality Road is currently on the bubble himself, and definitely needs some earnings as well. Plus the Florida Derby is a prestigious Grade 1 race in it's own right, so there's little doubt Quality Road will be cranked here. Short morning line of course, but obviously we can count on Dunkirk to pull a whole lot of money. Speaking of which, it would be wise not to forget about #6 Theregoesjojo. I picked him in the Fountain of Youth, and he did run very well that day, launching a strong rally from off the pace to go well clear for second. He's bred to route, he's been finishing well, and there's no reason that he shouldn't run well again. I can't pick him over Quality Road, but it appears he'll be overlooked (and undervalued) here, and he looks every bit as good as Dunkirk from where i'm sitting. Could make for a nice exacta partner.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the Blue Shirts couldn't handle the high flying Pens today.

I am a fan of the blog though.