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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Not So Fast (没有这么快)

We've all been on pins and needles awaiting what we've been told is an imminent announcement on the Big A. But State Senator Joseph Addabbo, who represents the district, told the Times Union's Jim Odato that he was he was unsure if a deal will be announced any time soon because some key Senate leaders are traveling to China on Friday. An important trip I'm sure using taxpayer dollars.

Odato also reports that Steve Wynn has reached an accord with a key hotel union, thus providing a big boost for his chances. SL Green/Hard Rock, Aqueduct Entertainment, and Delaware North also have such agreements. It's also clear that the situation remains fluid even as a decision nears.

The senator noted that Wynn still lacks a minority enterprise component of his bid team, and can't erect a racino as swiftly as the other five bidders.

"They were trying to rectify both things as we speak," said Addabbo.


Anonymous said...

Wynn's getting a big "push" in Albany. He and his organization know how to butter the right bread. I have heard that the NYRA would endorse him and work with him as a racino partner.

Too bad if a Vegas guy takes over Queens, New York.

Anonymous said...

If Wynn comes forth with plan (B) featuring minority partners and a plan that fits the existing Aqueduct structure, isn't that akin to "bid rigging" as all the other bidders already have their chips on the table? Oh, oh, I'm sorry, he's "no holds barred" Mr. Steve Wynn and this is New York, where the dirtier the deal the better!

Presuming all the bidders are qualified and nearly equal, Governor David Paterson and NY State owe their collective support and loyalty to folks much closer to the deal and the community than Wynn. Paterson, Silver and Smith have the propensity to do the right thing, so we'll see.