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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Paterson Still Undecided

I'm told by a person who is familiar with the deliberations that, despite the urging of his senior staff members to come to a decision this week, Governor Paterson has not yet decided amongst the Big A bidders...and that the governor "intensely dislikes" being pressured on the matter.

Hmmm, that sounds rather familiar, doesn't it?

I'm also told that it is Senate Majority Leader John Sampson, and not Senator Malcolm Smith, who has taken the lead role on the Senate side. It had been my understanding that it was the latter, as Senate president pro-tem, who had the final say on behalf of his chamber. But in any event, both men are headed to China on Friday as mentioned in the previous post....and, according to this column, they will be gone for nine days on a legislative “trade mission." That being the case, it could already be too late for Paterson to conclude any agreement before they depart. And the beat goes on.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps they can trade Patterson to China for an undisclosed draft pick.

Anonymous said...

If Paterson picks (1) of the six bidders, he upsets (5) others and he is probably weighing the political storm and potential litigation that the losers will initiate. Just a possibility expalining his delay.

Anonymous said...

Paterson is not the only decision maker on this deal. Perhaps Speaker Sheldon Silver or Senate Majority Leader John Sampson aren't ready to agree on a winner?

The NYRA will survive the delay, but perhaps the NY thoroughbred horse breeders may not. Could go down as the weirdest "no-deal" of the century!

Anonymous said...

Isn't all this posturing really about the grand prize, Belmont?
I would be stunned if Aqueduct were ever actually developed as a racino. Why waste time, money and resources on the ugly stepchild. Just my opinion; I could be wrong.

SaratogaSpa said...

Has Paterson ever been "decided" about anything?

Anonymous said...

If you truly love Aqueduct, you better start writing your local elected officials!