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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Big Check

- Nearly two weeks after the tornado which hit Queens, our internet service continues to be an iffy proposition. So, sorry for the intermittent posting, which will continue until Time Warner and Con Ed put their heads together and finally figure this out.

You see, I told you there would be one of those giant checks. Five days before deadline too.

The Governor wasn't there, but he got to issue a statement.

“All along, I’ve said that securing this deal and moving ahead with the project at Aqueduct is critical for the future of New York....The state, in partnership with Genting, has the opportunity to create jobs for the community [blah blah blah]"
While Paterson is certainly played a role in the delay with his failure to take charge, and ultimately acceding to the Senate Democrats' attempted AEG power play, his decision to re-bid the process, which seemed absurd at the time, turned into a stroke of genius. Not only are we getting an operator which is at least equally, and quite arguably, more qualified than any that bid before, the state is getting more money than it ever imagined it would. So nice going there, gov.

So, we're looking at one to two months of environmental review, and then six months, we're told, until the first 1,600 machines are up and running.
..many of the architectural flourishes, such as the remade facade and a gigantic fountain at the main entrance, will take more than 2 1/2 years to complete. [DRF]
Yeah, we're gonna have to wait longer for that fountain, damn. I fear that we're also going to be waiting for significant improvements on the racing side at the Big A, as I've read statements from NYRA indicating that Saratoga will be the first priority. I dunno, other than the much-needed renovations to the backstretch there, it seems to me that Saratoga is in pretty good shape compared to the barely acceptable conditions at the track where racing is conducted far longer than the other tracks, and where the hardcore loyal horseplayers do their part to support the sport during the harsh winter months. So here's hoping that it's not 2 1/2 years before they spruce the place up.


El Angelo said...

In Mr. Melon's was a really big check.

Anonymous said...

Still can't believe Foxwoods/Genting from CT gets the deal after all the prior NYRA worry about Aqueduct sending its best players up there for full casino gambling. This was a big issue when the Mohegans/Capital Play were trying to get the deal. My how things have changed.....

steve in nc said...

Glad to see you're back. When the payoff was announced and you didn't post it, I was worried about you.

I know this is all good news, but it is hard for me to get too psyched that $350 million in slot machines is seen as a sound investment. Helluva civilization we've got going here, no?

Figless said...

$350M in slot machines is a much better investment than $350M in blue blood horseflesh, just ask Sheihk M.

Anonymous said...

steve has a good point. $350 million so a bunch of androids can sit in front of the machine with their eyes glazed over, pulling the lever (or pressing the button) again and again and again...What a bunch of suckers. -jp