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Thursday, January 06, 2011

What Report?

I gotta go back and re-read the Inspector General's report on the AEG selection (pdf), because I guess that Senator John Sampson didn't do anything so terrible. After all, he's still the conference leader of the now-minority Senate Democrats. Out of the 30 Democrats in the chamber, only four have broken from Sampson and formed their own conference.

"We cannot be supportive of leadership that is more interested in power and perks than policy," said Sen. Diane Savino (D-S.I., Brooklyn), who joined with [Sen. Jeff] Klein at a news conference revealing their defection. [NY Daily News]
But four newly elected members affirmed their support for Sampson, including Sen. Tony Avilia.
“At the end of the day, right now it’s still just a report....There’s a difference between poor judgment and criminal acts. [Capitol Confidential]
Actually, I disagree. Sure, poor judgment - such as the conference's continued support for Sampson - may not necessarily be criminal. But poor judgment is surely an integral component of many, if not most, criminal acts, at least the way I see it. Whether Sampson's poor judgment spilled over into criminality is up to the US Attorney for the Southern District of NY, and the NY County D.A. to whom the matter has been referred.


Anonymous said...

Blowhard Ryan is still flapping his gums at his idiotic, juvenile team players. Let Peyton put all of them out of their misery, so Buffoon Rex can get back to doing the really, really important stuff, like sucking his wife's toes.

Anonymous said...

If Zenyatta doesn't win HOY the wrong people are voting. She's over 80 percent in both drf and bloodhorse fan polls. I didn't really even care either way until I saw that. If she loses HOY the voting system needs fundamental changes to bring it back into the control of the fans, not the Jess jackson's cum cuzzling writers.

Anonymous said...

Poor Zenyatta, while she obviously doesn't deserve Horse of the Year, she deserves creeps like the above poster far less.

Pretty pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Who loves dirt track?