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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Two Cents from the Head Chef

What a perfect day at the track last Saturday! A breeze, lots of sunshine and a happy crowd made this the place to be. We were invited to celebrate a couple of birthdays in a private picnic area facing the racetrack at Belmont Park. A private picnic area reserved just for a party! I like! And it gave me ideas. I have been dreaming of throwing a party at the track for Mr. Left at the Gate and this set-up seems perfect. The reserved picnic area comes with shaded picnic tables, charcoal grills and the all important garbage cans. Now try to get info on this service by searching the Belmont Website. Go ahead and try, 'cause I found nothing.  I'm not giving up yet and will resort to making a few phone calls.

From lt to rt: Mr. Left at the Gate, Brooklyn Backstretch blogger Teresa Genaro, Hello Race Fans! founders Adam Weiner and Dana Byerly, NYRA's Andy Serling.
As you can see from the photo, a lot of bloggers were present, including myself, but fortunately I don't write about horses so I did not have to give my opinion on handicapping any of the races that day.

My attention was mostly on the food, which was great. We had burgers and salads and fresh fruit and cupcakes. I brought a tomato-peach salsa and a black eye pea salsa to contribute to the feast. 

But then the fifth race came up and Mr. Left at the Gate suggested he and I check out the paddock because I enjoy sizing up young two-year olds (horses. I like babies too).

These two year-olds were all first time starters which is pretty adorable and irresistible to me. They get so nervous and confused! I was giving them all the once over when the Toddster-trained Stat appeared.  Sometimes a horse just dazzles and Stat did that for me. I could not take my eyes off him.

Impossible to get a good photo! I was as jumpy as a school girl at a Justin Beiber concert.
GORGEOUS!!! This horse just shimmers with beauty. I could not even say if I thought he would win. I just fell in love and didn't give any of the other horse a second glance. Did I bet him? No, Mr. Left at the Gate frowns on meaningless betting and at 5 to 4 odds [LOL - Mr. Left at the Gate], Stat was not going to get me very far. Did he win? Hell yes!!! A fantastic finish that left the other horses in the dust. Oooohhh I love that horse!
I am now a Stat fan and can't wait to see him race again. Maybe at Saratoga this summer?

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Figless said...

Did you try the group sales link?

Deborah said...

Thanks for that tip Figless, I will give it a try. Meanwhile, I meant to say 4 to 5 odds on Stat, not 5 to 4, which LATG seemed to think was so funny!

Teresa said...

Terrific to see you, and love the guest blog. See you in Saratoga!

(And yes, that link will provide lots of info on those picnic areas)

steve in nc said...

Fun post, and your blog looks tasty too.

My other half also has a pretty good record (small sample) with paddock beauty contest picks. Tell Mr. Left at the Gate that you did your part and he should have found a way to improve the price with doubles or pick 3s.

suebroux said...

Your post is a wonderful refreshment! And you even have the correct lingo ... "Toddster" ;-)

Only one thing missing in your fine guest blog entry - a link to your black eye pea salsa recipe!

Deborah said...

Thanks for all the nice comments! Mr. LATG helps me with my lingo, but not so much with the betting.
Here is the missing link to my black eye pea salsa recipe:

HWalker said...

Did MLATG attend college @ SunyAlbany?

Figless said...

Deb, tell Mr. LATG that 5-4 is perfectly acceptable terminology in Europe.

alan said...

>>Did MLATG attend college @ SunyAlbany?

Nope. But nearby at Union.