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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Cuomo on Casinos

This is the text from the portion of governor's State of the State address dealing with expanded casino gambling. Nothing new....and no details on where the casinos should be.

Comprehensive Approach to Casino Gaming

We have long flirted and dallied with another potential economic engine — casino gaming — and when it comes to gaming, we have been in a state of denial.

It’s time we confronted reality.

It’s not a question of whether we should have gaming in New York — the fact is we already do. Native Americans have five casinos in New York and we have nine racinos at our racetracks. We don’t fully realize it, regulate it, or capitalize on it, but we have gaming. In fact, New York State now has 29,000 electronic gaming machines — more than Atlantic City, and more than any state in the Northeast or Midwest.

Our state is also surrounded by gaming. States and Canadian provinces just across our borders have legalized casino gaming. They get the tourism, the revenue, and the good jobs that belong here.It’s estimated that over $1 billion of economic activity from gaming can be generated in our state. Therefore, let’s amend the Constitution so that we can do gaming right. And let’s take the first step this year.


jk said...

Gambling and natural gas drilling are the economic future of NY.

steve in nc said...

Been drinking that frackish water again? The economic future of the world is green energy. Pave the way for another generation of burning fossil fuel and those NYC and LI casinos will be underwater (literally, not financially) in 50 years.