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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Math Lesson

- Nick Zito needs to brush up on his math skills a bit. Speaking of Commentator's loss in the Tom Fool, he told the NY Daily News:

"If you look at 10,000 races, you'll never see that again....A '21' second quarter? Have you ever heard of that? At least go :44. I've never seen that as long as I've been coming to the track."
Nick still hasn't seen that. The official fractions were 22.07 and 43.99, meaning that the second quarter was run in 21.92, which we can round up to 22. And I'd say that 43.99 is close enough to 44.

Still, it was fast, but the fact is that High Finance was just a head behind at the quarter pole, and only a head plus a half length back at the half. So the son of Talk is Money ran a huge race, and was clearly better than Commentator on this day, and on this track which he appears to love. He's the first graded stakes winner for the stallion, a son of Deputy Minister who stands for $5000 in New York.

Any Given Saturday is ready to rejoin the top three-year olds off his win in the Dwyer; at least according to Pletcher. His next objective is the Jim Dandy or Haskell.


Anonymous said...

According to the way they keep time at the track, 43.99 is still 43 4/5 seconds, and not 44. Therefore Zito is technically correct, it was indeed a 21 4/5 second quarter (in actual decimal time, 21.92). No race track "rounds up", they round down. I enjoy your insights on racing very much, but in this case, I'm on Zito's side.

Anonymous said...

Zito would be better off trying to figure out why Commentator was on his right lead before winding completely out of the turn.

Alan Mann said...

>>No race track "rounds up", they round down.

Hmmm, seems to violate basic principles of math to me, but I'll concede the point.