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Friday, January 11, 2008


- It's a work/travel day today, as the Head Chef is taking us to a spa/hotel out in Montauk in celebration of my birthday tomorrow (don't ask how old please). It's also right around the 3rd birthday of Left at the Gate, so thanks a zillion again for your support and readership.

So, no time to post today, but just a quickie... The NY Thoroughbred Horsemen's Association issued a statement asking for a higher cut of VLT revenues than the 6.5% maximum payout specified in the MOU. And again, as with the jockeys, I ask why they waited until now?

The original agreement concerning distribution of VLT revenues called for 7.5 percent to go to purses initially, rising to 10 percent after five years..

"[The 6.5%] would be disastrous," NYTHA said, and "could ultimately threaten New York's preeminence in racing . . . and force horsemen to consider relocating to other states."

By comparison, the percentage of casino revenue allocated for purses in other states includes 18 percent in Pennsylvania, 11.1 in Delaware, 10 in West Virginia and 8.25 in Florida. [NY Post]
I'll try to check in with more over the weekend. In the meantime, have yourself a great weekend, good luck at the windows, and I'll speak to you later.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you and look at age like this - it certainly isn't stopping Sovereign Sigh from making his maiden start at 10-yrs old today at Hawthorne ;>

Patrick J Patten said...

you don't look a day over 70, how you keep it together I'll never know

steve in nc said...

Just be prepared for when you turn 50 (your taste in music leads me to think you're not there yet). When you do, your AARP membership invite will arrive in the mail within 2 weeks of your birthday. How do they know??

Anyway, have a good one, and La Reina de la Cocina lets you handicap at all, put up a post that helps me figure out P3s on Sunday leaving out Indian Blessing. Opposing BC winners was really profitable last year, but the CA tracks generally leave me clueless.

dana said...

happy birthday to you & Left at the Gate!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Alan, to you and your baby.

May you live to watch NYRA sign AT LEAST three more leases!

Enjoy the big day. We're all lucky to have Left at the Gate.

Anonymous said...

Marion Jones gets 6 months. Steve Asmussen will likely get an Eclipse in the coming weeks.

What a country.