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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hunch Bets for January 16

Key Victory 6th at Aqueduct (waiting for him to say he's like Seabiscuit!)
Girl Show 7th at Aqueduct
Plunge Away 2nd at Charles Town
Fiesty Exchange 3rd at Turfway
Givtheballtoleroy 3rd at Delta Downs (ugh, gross, sorry...)
World Emissary - 6th at Turfway

- Speaking of our president, thanks to reader Case for sending along this link from CBS News regarding his visit with Saudi King Abdullah. The King declined to commit to increasing oil production, but he did show off some of his thoroughbreds to the president, including Alysheba. The 24 year-old animal is living in quiet retirement. There was some confusion when Bush, informed that he was about to meet Alysheba, confused the horse with Iranian President Ahmadinejad, and reached for the cellphone to ask Condi what to do. When told not to worry, and that Alysheba was a Derby winner, he asked "Oh, in New Hampshire or Iowa?"

Don't worry, just 369 days to go....and counting!