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Monday, September 08, 2008

Hunch Bets for Monday, Sept. 8

Bidonmebaby - 7th at Fort Erie
Guaranteed Issue - 2nd at Fort Erie
Waving Farewell - 4th at Mountaineer
Expect A Bull - 5th at Pinnacle
Brief the Lady - 2nd at FL
Im A Little Upity - 8th at Prairie Meadows
His Aim Is True - 2nd at Thistledown
Florida Boy - 6th at Suffolk


El Angelo said...

Changing that "o" to an "e" in the first horse would complete this group even better.

Anonymous said...

Red Rocks to face Big Brown @ Monmouth. LOL!

Anonymous said...

What liberals are saying.

"Can someone please tell me what the hell happened?"

Anonymous said...

hunch bets what a joke LMAO

Anonymous said...

oh baby hunch bets. Nice tracks you chose. can you give us hunch bets for hollywood dog track. There only for entertainment aren't they Alan.