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Thursday, September 25, 2008


- I was watching this cringe worthy video of Sarah Palin's interview with Katie Couric......oh man! But that's not the subject here (it certainly speaks for itself). Since the video is from CBS, the network inserts ads for its programming before and after, and I happened upon one for a series called The Mentalist.

Patrick Jane, the mental main character of the show, seems to be able to read peoples' minds. However, he is not a psychic, or so we're told. Rather, he's just paying attention. "The truth is in the details." So, as we see in the ad, our hero cleverly discerns that the woman with a bruise on her face is a victim of marital abuse. The guy with lipstick on his shirt collar is cheating on his wife.

As for the guy who is carrying a copy of"Racing Journal?" He's a gambling addict. This brings up two points. First of all, here's an example of that common stereotype that any horse racing fan is an addicted gambler. Why didn't he instead conclude that the guy was, say, a keen racing blogger using the Journal to prepare his incisive analysis of the day's races?

And secondly, whoever is in charge of product placement at the Racing Form isn't doing a very good job.


Anonymous said...

Handicapping races is a tremendous mental exercise. Once major race jurisdictions like NY eliminate steroids and other performance enhancing substances it will once again be fun to put your money where your brain and instinct directed. Imagine, morning workouts you could trust and mosre time than not horses running to their true form. Legitimate racing meant to prove the best race analysts correct. This can't happen soon enough to save our precious sporting endeavour.

Colins Ghost said...

I saw the same promo and had to laugh. According the pop culture, if you play the horses you have a gambling problem? Ugh...

Wind Gatherer said...

I don't know that the DRF has a dog in this fight. I think it is NTRA that was 'left at the gate'.

The DRF is preaching to the choir. NTRA has to get the people in the pews.

El Angelo said...

Why would the Form want to be in a promo that says "if you read the Form, you're a gambling addict."

BTW, that show's promo defines moronic. The protagonist appears to have a perfect mastery of the obvious.

Anonymous said...

Thought the same thing, he could not have possibly been a successful wealthy investor in thoroughbreds?

Anonymous said...

oops..Zenyatta is four, my bad.

Good Luck to all today on a great day of racing!

Anonymous said...

Alan, you are too far behind the times if you are still watching the captive, stuck-in-the-past MSM, CBS being a charter member, for any kind of news coverage. Katie Couric playing "Gotcha" with Sarah Barracuda? Katie "Hoping- She- Doesn't- Get- Cancelled" Couric must be jealous as hell of a real over achiever like Sarah- wasn't it obvious? I could hear Katie's meows all the way up here in Vermont, haha!

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