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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Painting a Bleak Picture

Yikes, the results at the Keeneland sale are pretty damn dismal.

But it ain't just the ponies.


Anonymous said...

Despite the half hearted attempt at positive spin from KEE, some veteran horsemen have said it is just plain scary, the worst they have seen in their lifetime.

The top quality mares will sell, but there is no middle market.

The bottom mares, if they sell at all, are going to overseas buyers who will probably be the only folks there for the remaining sessions.

The numbers will only get worse.

Anonymous said...

how sad, but some people are making money in this economy-auto repair place (some shops report turning work away they are so busy) plumbers, foreclosure attorneys, auctioneers, bankruptcy attorneys, state employment clerks, pellet stove sellers, firewood sellers, etc.
The list goes on and on.

there is always money to be made if you are smart enough to go and get it.