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Monday, August 10, 2009

Stop Sobbing Now

Got back last night from a brief trip up to Saratoga for the weekend's races, and back at work But gotta stop sobbing now.... After all, it was a lot of Saratoga packed into two days. On Saturday alone, we went to the Farmers' Market in the morning, took a short stroll around town (though long enough for the Head Chef to spend around $60....stimulating the local economy), and hit the racetrack by noon. We split after the Whitney to head over to Saratoga Springs State Park, where we staked out our favorite spot, fired up a BBQ and dined by a babbling brook, ah... And then, we zipped over to SPAC for the Philly Orchestra, and managed to walk in just in time to hear guest soloist Joshua Bell. I may not be much of a classical music buff, but I certainly know enough to realize that this guy is truly a virtuoso....simply amazing!

Sunday was pretty chill by comparison, but still, of course, made it to the races despite the grey skies and shaky forecast (which I wasn't too worried about after handicapping the weather radar). Left after eight races (plus one at Del Mar) to head back to Queens, in time to see all of the scoring at the Stadium as the Yanks completed their thrashing of the Red Sox. Yeah, that's right, I missed the two desultory short-field, short-priced favorite stakes races. We can have this discussion another time, but, as a horseplayer, I'll take the full-field entry-level allowance, maiden special and claiming races over those shorties any day of the week.

Not much luck at the windows, save for Sunday's early double....just a saver bet which didn't really get me that far. Big blow of the weekend was when High Cry hung on for second at 34-1 in Saturday's sixth, thus splitting my exactas and triples (and no, not a penny to win on the 6-1 winner).

Anyway, it was all too busy for posting...and another busy day today. Right after work, it's off to Central Park. And talk about your fillies first! It's the legendary Chrissie Hynde, with the present incarnation of the Pretenders, plus opening acts Cat Power and Juliette Lewis. Not a free show....but rather a benefit so that we can enjoy other shows for free....such as Sunday's monstrous Dinosaur Jr. / The Walkmen bill. So I'll catch up with ya later, have a great day.


Anonymous said...

Alan, Joshua Bell is truly an impresario, one of the world's greatest violinists. Do you remember the story about him playing in the Washington Metro station for tips last year, unrecognized? It was a viral video on YouTube for a while, but here's a link:

Anonymous said...

Chryssie is still a babe at nearly 60! She looks and sounds mighty fine. Yeah, great rockers, former Mrs of Kinks' Ray Davies, another of the all-time great British Invasion bands. Chryssie should hook up with the Stones and do a tour- Jagger and Co would be a good match for her still high energy level. /S/greenmtnpunter