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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Back From Paradise


steve in nc said...

That makes one less horse for the next Mdn Clm $10k at AQ (has the looks of a contender in such a field, too. I hope you feel guilty.

Anonymous said...

Alan can u give us hunch bets for Will Rodgers Downs. I'm confident u can come up with plays at this track. Looking forward to ur selections.

steve in nc said...

U should box Smarty Karakorum with the Psychotic Summer/Sinister Storm entry at AQ tomorrow.

Or, refinance the house, get to Vegas and bet it all on the proposition that Palin completes four acceptable sentences in a row this year.

U betcha!

Anonymous said...

U should bet the house on Rap Tale next time she runs o smart one.

U betcha eh