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Monday, August 08, 2011

Marker Post

Back from Saratoga. Sorry for no posts while we were up there, but what can I say that hasn't been said in five years of visiting there and blogging about it.

Besides, between a stop at the Rusty Anchor on the way, a hike and a swim up at Lake Moreau, a picnic at Saratoga State Park (and an after-dinner party), the farmers' market, a stroll around town, dinner at Mouzon House, the Beekman St. Art Walk, and, of course, three full days at the racetrack, when would I have time? We scored a great last minute deal on a really cute place right in town, thanks to Craigslist, which comes in handy for things other than finding tickets to sold-out shows. So we were able to pack in a lot of activity in the three days. And great to see readers El Angelo and jp. The Head Chef wrote about the least the non-parimutuel aspects....on her Grapes and Greens blog.

As far as the racing goes, if you've been playing, I don't have to tell you that it was tough. Especially with the off track on Sunday. It was the late Tom Ainslie who once wrote that you should find something else to do when the track goes off, and the results the last couple of days demonstrate why. I was lucky enough to hit a couple of exactas over our three racing days there to keep it from being a total disaster. But profitable, it surely was not.

Interesting it was though, that's for sure. You can talk about how the quality ain't what it used to be, and about all the conditioned claimers and state-bred races. But, strictly from a betting standpoint, as far as wide open wagering contests go, the racing this year is tough to beat. Even on Sunday, when the three turf races were washed off, the MTO's did their job and filled the fields admirably. I sure could have had a lot to tweet about if I had an active Twitter account. Will have to write a bit about it tomorrow when I have some more time. Just wanted to put up a post so the cobwebs don't set in.

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Teresa said...

Don't tell me that you didn't have Sean Avery. Not even $2?