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Friday, August 22, 2008

Hunch Bets for Friday, August 22

Glamour Shot 5th at Evangeline Downs (Hat tip to Josh Marshall)
Whatsthetruth 3rd at Monmouth
Mightytoolight 7th at Evangeline Downs
Nomoremrniceguy 8th at Finger Lakes
That's A Secret 5th at Evangeline Downs
Power Shift 5th at Del Mar
Lookwhatigot 1st at Mountaineer
Hope Thisis Theone 3rd at Evangeline Downs


Brett said...

Seems like Tom Durkin has another name he loves like Arrr and Doremifasolatido. Onoitsmymothernlaw ran a great race running down 3-2 favorite Cocktail Attire in R4. Great call by Durkin and great ride by the relocated Richard M.

Anonymous said...

stop with ur rediculous hunch bets. Its been so nice and peaceful without them, but of course Alan u can't help yourself especially ur back in action now. I don't give a rats azz what the meaning is of these hunch bets. You ruin a nice forum when u keep posting entertainment hunch bets.

Anonymous said...

I like the hunch bets. I'm sure he has put more thoughts into them than I have mine. In Mountaineer's 1st my hunch bet is Cica Next Door. Spanish Steps a good sire for this ditance, Max Chilo good jockey for those odds.

Brett said...

Is Ginger Punch good or what? Lucky.

Anonymous said...

Ginger Punch is the most underrated champion in a long time.

She really did not want to go the 10f today, but did so on heart alone.

Alan, your stalker is back:)