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Saturday, August 23, 2008


- That one really hurt. I'm usually pretty good natured about my losing, but I sat in stunned silence for several minutes after Colonel John's number was posted, and the Head Chef knew enough to leave me alone and get back to the kitchen (sorry, I'm a little cranky). I don't want to think about which nearby object would have flown, and where, back in the more tempestuous days of my youth.

As they approached the wire, I for some reason thought Mambo in Seattle had it, and figured I had at least the exacta nailed. So I was actually looking back at the race for third as the two leaders crossed the wire. Now, looking back at the replay, I see that I had no reason to divert my attention from the front. I knew I needed the white horse out of the money, and was wondering just who that was who came up the rail to get third. When I looked back, Robbie Albarado was pumping his fist. And though I must report that the Head Chef was uncertain all along, I figured the jockey knew better. No offense there, honey.

Then, Jerry Bailey was interviewing Albarado. Great job by ESPN here, forgoing the immediate post-race jockey interview in each of the prior two races, and then getting the wrong one in the other. Still no indication from ESPN as to who finished third. No respect for us triple bettors.

When they showed the replay, and then the slow motion replay, I knew it was trouble. At that point, I was hoping to salvage a dead heat. Randy Moss, reporting, awkwardly at times, from Del Mar, later wondered if there's a margin that's less than a nose. I remember years ago referring to it as a 'booger.'

I woulda had the exacta and the triple - ESPN finally revealed Pyro as the mystery show horse - and, even better yet, would have given out the cold triple on this blog. Based on the payouts of $86.50 and $351 for the exacta and trifecta with the 4-1 winner on top of the 5.50 to 1 Mambo in Seattle.....well, shoot.

- Tizbig pressed the pace and faded to 8th. Since I ridiculed his chances in my pre-race analysis which, if I say so myself, was pretty damn good, I feel entitled to say: I was.


Anonymous said...

- Tizbig pressed the pace and faded to 8th. Since I ridiculed his chances in my pre-race analysis which, if I say so myself, was pretty damn right on, I feel entitled to say: I was.

would you like a cookie Alan. Are you still cranky. How about some warm milk with that oreo. Hey, have you ever heard of exacta box, trifecta box. Maybe one day you will learn to protect a win bet by boxing 3 horses or boxing 2 horses. A race as difficult as the Travers an exacta and tri box were in order. This is why you keep losing and losing. But, sure everyone catches a winner every once and awhile eh.....sorry but gotta tell it like it is. Be a man and LEARN from your constant mistakes in the betting of horses.

JLDecker said...

I tip my (invisible) hat to you, sir. Admittedly, I looked past Colonel John for his prior dirt effort, and missed the parallel completely between Mambo In Seattle and Grasshopper...

Did have Pyro, though. That horse just can't seem to get the route he wants, can he? Every time I think I've got him figured, he comes up just short.

Clarice said...

LOL. I like how anonymous is a regular commenter yet still doesn't have enough balls to adopt a name.

Steven said...

Tough beat. I looked like Mambo for sure. He was a neck in front, but it was probably the worst head bob in history. Get them next time.

Anonymous said...

Go-Go proved once again he is THE BEST rider in the world. He hardly ever loses a photo.

As for Albarado, it would be great to see how many win photos he loses. Really, over the years it seems as if he loses 80% or more of the photos for win he is in.

As for the race coverage on tv, ESPN's performance was abysmal. Can they leave Hank Goldberg in Florida and let Bailey do the real handicapping? But Bailey and Moss once again showed which horse they liked as they entered the gate, not earlier on.

Shouldn't ESPN and/or NYRA's on-air staff provide information that people may need. For example, why was Edgar Prado not on Desert Key? Did Jimmy Jerkens have him removed for losing the previous stakes race?

Kevin said...

A tough bob indeed! If only Albarado ran that horse through the wire instead of looking to his left (check the photo) to see who won.

ballyfager said...

I believe the photo on Friday between Ginger Punch and Lemon Drop Mom was just as close.

Anonymous said...

There is a common term for a win that's less than a nose. Unfortunately, it can't be printed in a family publication such as this.