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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


According to James Odato of the Albany Times Union, you can forget about that nonsense about slots at Nassau OTB. Of course, even if it was a good idea, it wouldn't stand much of a chance given the situation in the Senate, which has now officially degenerated into farce.....and that's before today's 3 PM special session.

- Sailor's Cap was determined, via a necropsy performed at New Bolton, to have perished from cardiac arrest caused by colitis-x.

The cause of colitis-X is unknown, although multiple causes have been proposed, including peracute salmonellosis, clostridial enterocolitis, and endotoxemia." [Bloodhorse]
If the matter of necropsies on dead horses was so crucially important that it pre-empted any coverage whatsoever of the Belmont Stakes in the New York Times on the Friday before the race, shouldn't Joe Drape take note of this report and explain to us just how that little bit of information will help keep horses safe going forward?


Steve Zorn said...

Nice picture of the non-Senate meeting, taken through the window, since the Dems wouldn't let reporters in.

Among the bills passed by the Assembly and awaiting Senate action, btw, is one that would provide additional money for the backstretch health program. I'm sure that's right at the top of Espada's priority list.

Kevin said...

I don't think one inconclusive necropsy is enough evidence to argue against the practice. I will agree that the timing of the Drape piece was unfortunate.