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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Hunch Bets for June 2

High Volt Jolt 5th at Delaware
I Pick You 9th at Finger Lakes
Tricky Surprise 7th at Mountaineer
Memories of George 7th at Mountaineer
Theromanceisover 2nd at Finger Lakes


Anonymous said...

tricky surprise is your hunch bet play? a 10 year old mare with 100 starts and 9 wins and already won the nw1y condition, good luck with that.

race said...

Well I guess Anonymous didn't check your $38.80 win price at Finger Lakes 9th race "I Pick You", ---6 wide at the backstretch, 6 wide entering the lane, rally's to win drove clear by 1 3/4 lengths---looks like Baez wasn't going to let anyone get in his way--sounds like those were his instructions---and he followed them to a T---I would love for you to let me know how you picked that horse, I looked at the PP's this morning, and alothugh the odds should not have been 18-1, still it was a high dollar pick--congrats nice handicapping---race

Anonymous said...

It's quite amazing that after all this time some folks still do not comprehend the point of a "hunch" bets.

First, purchase or borrow a dictionary.

Second look up the word "hunch", it might provide a clue. Study the definition until you believe you fully understand the word's meaning. This may take a few hours, or days, or months depending on aptitude (not the sire).

Third, once you fully understand the meaning of the word "hunch", click on the name of the horse in the blog entry, and attempt to make the connection between the name of the horse and the underlying information.

Last, smile.

alan said...

race - I'd love to take credit for the pick, but the hunch bets are just a goof. I don't even look at the pp's. Perhaps I should make that the future I can link to Anon 8:18's explanation (thanks for that).