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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

LATG is Old

Hi, Patrick again (handride) just posting a message while the boss ain't lookin. I finally got Alan on feedburner, I think he's had about 4 other feedburner addresses, but like his car keys he can't find them. The new address is here: Why switch? What's good about this address is that if you use Google Reader and maybe some other applications it should update within minutes of his posting. This feed has pingshot enabled, so it's a bit faster if you use the right app. And while I'm here, I should let you all know you can find the LATG feed along with 140+ other blogs at I'm working on making that real time over the next couple months, but for now it still has the blogs, news, free past performance search, and Twitter (don't ask Alan about Twitter it scares him more than the first time he heard about the combustion engine).

Ok back to Alan for more handicapping that finishes last and updates about the NY Senate (good bedtime reading)


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Anonymous said...

Off topic, British bookmaker has posted odds for the Breeders Cup Classic;

Sea the Stars 3-1,
Zenyatta 4-1
Rip van Winkle 6-1
Summer Bird at 6-1,
Rail Trip 10-1,
Quality Road and Einstein 12-1, Tiago 16-1 and Mine That Bird 20-1.