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Thursday, September 24, 2009


Following is the time-stamped sequence of events:

5:18:40 p.m. – Race 9 Post Time

5:22:13 p.m. – Incorrect Superfecta order (8-14-5-10) posted and made official

5:22:17 p.m. – Tote system enabled cashing of incorrect Superfecta

5:25:06 p.m. – Tote system suspended payment on all pools

5:49:44 p.m. – Correct Superfecta order (8-14-5-13) was enabled in the Tote system for cashing

There was a two minute and 49 second period where the incorrect Superfecta was being paid out. In addition to that period where the incorrect Superfecta was paid out, the correct Superfecta will be paid out to customers who properly selected it. [NYRA Press Release - kudos to them for putting it out ]


Anonymous said...

Whose responsibility is it to ensure the horses are properly ordered so wagers can be calculated and distributed? I read the 'judges' messed up the order and the stewards endorsed the finish. Exactly who is who and what do each do?

Teresa said...

Sorry to be a little self-promotional here, but here's a piece I wrote last summer on how races are made official. It explains the whole process, really making me wonder which step in the process went wrong.

Anonymous said...

WOW, great piece Teresa. Based on the reported checks and balances, it just goes to show you (presuming the process was actually followed), how many folks really aren't doing a very god job protecting the integrity of the game.

El Angelo said...

Any chance the person on the receiving end of the phone call from Cassidy (or whoever's doing it at Belmont) just hit the wrong button?

Teresa said...

From what I understand, the numbers that go up on the board are put there by the placing judges. The folks on the other end of the phone have nothing to do with conveying the order of finish to the public, only with determining the payouts, based on the order of finish they get from the placing judges.

jk said...

Paterson has tipped his hand on the slot issue......

Guv gives Shinnecocks support on federal recognition
September 24, 2009

In a move that may also signal a smoother path for a tribal casino, Gov. David A. Paterson this week threw his support behind the Shinnecock Indian Nation's quest for federal recognition, calling it "long overdue."

Anonymous said...

Bye-bye Aqueduct, hello full Indian casino at Belmont! Astute NY horsemen and breeders need to understand what happens if the Aqueduct casino deal never happens. Forget about the NY bred program!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who knows anything or any kind of inside to politics, knows that the Shinnecock Belmont deal will NEVER happen. Stop speaking nonsense. Aqueduct IS going to happen because the State needs its in place to recover the budget outfall in 2010.


Anonymous said...

Many people of consequence in NY want the Belmont/Indian deal so if the last poster wants to bet, I'm in. I do not hear enough protest from Pheffer and Addabbo at this time to feel like a project at Aqueduct will not just be abandoned.

Anonymous said...

739, I concur.

There is a LOT more money to be made by the state with the Belmont scenario. The up front fee for a full fledged casino would be huge, and they can more than balance the budget by selling the Big A land to the PA for their new Hotel.

While I realize I post anon, I am the one who predicted the Big A deal NEVER would happen, years ago when this blog was in its infancy.

The PA has its eyes on the Big A land, and the PA gets what it wants. That is why Albany made sure they got title to the land, even at the cost of extending the NYRA franchise.

In the eyes of Albany racing at the Big A is unecessary, and in truth they have a decent argument. There really is no need for two plants a few miles apart from a business standpoint, they will just add a synthetic inner track at Belmont.

Goodbye Aqueduct.

Anonymous said...

As a long time racing fan [I'm 64], I love Aqueduct...Bemont is too dang big, and not being a driver, it is difficult to reach. My buddy, hates to drive there also, the traffic returning home on the Belt is always horrendous. I attend the Big A 3 to 4 times a week, but haven't been to Belmont since July 3...I love the track and the commraderie of fellow punters, but the Belmont trek is a trip not taken. The slots at Aqueduct doesn't turn me on, but 9it would mean a new life for the Ole Gal and maybe a semblance of her former hey day when the lots across the conduit were filled. FRED G