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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Big A Up (Almost) Next?

Governor Paterson now says that he will reluctantly accept the $2.8 billion dollar deficit reduction plan that legislative leaders claim he agreed to on Monday. But don't call it a deal.

"I would not describe it as a deal, Ken. Because a deal means that all parties accept the agreement," Paterson told reporters during a Red Room ceremony. "This proposal for $2.8 billion of deficit reduction, includes $1.6 billion that I'm reducing myself and $400 million of stimulus dollars that we're actually supposed to use next year." [New York Observer]
The governor continues to insist that he will, and can, compensate for the deal's plan's deficiencies himself.

There was talk of an all-nighter at the Senate to craft and pass the necessary bills; but that will wait until Wednesday (as the Assembly burns the midnight oil).

And, of course, $200 million from the Big A sweepstakes winner is included in the plan arrangement; and once this is finally over, then we might finally learn who will be selected to....

Oh...yeah, first actually comes the long-awaited Senate vote on same-sex marriage, scheduled to, as promised, come to the floor following the passing of the DRP. The question of whether supporters can garner the 32 necessary votes seems to be an open one, with the possibility of a few Republicans voting in favor, thus compensating for the few Democrats who may vote against.

One of the latter who's for certain is Senator Ruben Diaz Sr., the most vocal opponent of gay marriage in the Senate. He's nervous enough that he retired to his Albany office to pray. You know, to that God who's in favor of inequality and discrimination.

Paterson meanwhile was in Brooklyn Tuesday night for a town meeting where, it was reported, he reiterated that he intends to run in an attempt to keep his job in 2010. There's no doubt that the governor is seeking to make political gains from his stubborn stand against the legislature, as Elizabeth Benjamin highlighted the other day. But why shouldn't he? It's not like he's a johnny-come-lately to the budget deficit - he's been urgently sounding the alarm practically since his first day in office (or at least after he dealt with the drug and adultery stuff). So I say humbug to his fellow Democrats in the Senate who have criticized him for playing politics; he's just playing the game just as you would (if you weren't too busy doing nothing), and you guys are the perfect foil. If he's ever gonna get back into the race, it'll be in large part on your backs.


Anonymous said...

Combining horse racing with pushing same sex marriage? Yucky.

Anonymous said...

Based on this morning's press, it looks like you are correct and that the process to take place in Albany today is:

1. Budget passage
2. Gay Marriage Bill

so will there finally be a:

3. Aqueduct decision?

On top of this the Bruno decision could also come down today.

This certainly could be an historic day in New York and hopefully (and finally) a decision on Aqueduct VLT's. I just hope they pick a bidder who will get the job done.

So what is the latest 'book' on the Aqueduct bidders?

Anonymous said...

Senate UPdate:

1. Budget passed
2. Gay Marriage Bill being debated

Still waiting on:

3. Aqueduct
4. Joe Bruno decision

Alan Mann said...

You can watch the gay marriage debate here. The democratic process actually taking place in Albany, dig it.

Steve Zorn said...

And they're actually voting on gay marriage right now. Mirabile dictu.

Anonymous said...

1 & 2 of the earlier post done.

Now for

3. Aqueduct VLT's
4. Joe Bruno decision