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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow Day

Hope everyone is having a nice and productive run-up to the holiday. Sorry for the lack of posting, but it's a busy time as you know. And besides, what is there really to write about? NYRA has been dark all week, and will continue to be so until the day after Xmas. (Yeah, I know, there was that big Derby prep yesterday (gimme a break).) Not that there would have been any racing today anyway given the snow. Amazingly, the Big A is open for simulcasting, even today with the snow piled pretty high - looks like some 8-10 inches where I am in Queens. Anyway, unfortunately, in addition to the holiday merriment, an ongoing family matter is cutting into my blogging time, and will continue to do so for the immediate future; so please excuse in advance what will likely be some light blogging for awhile.

Us Jets fans have learned to live with low expectations. Having a meaningful home game in December is always a reasonable goal to set when the season starts in the heat of the late summertime. At 3-0, that seemed more of a likelihood than a dream; at 4-6, more like a pipe dream. But what do you know, three consecutive wins later, and here we are, set to dig out the car and make our way to the Meadowlands for a big game against the Falcons. Who woulda thunk? So, whatever you're up to today, be it shopping, cooking, football watching, or the late double at the Fair Grounds, best of luck, be safe, and have a fantastic day.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back. I hope you have a great day too.

Anonymous said...


Impressed you are heading out there, will be interesting to see how many fans brave the elements.

Jets fans are usually not considered hard core, hoping they rise to the occasion and come out to support the team in a meaningful game.

With ATL eliminated last night the Falcons may be looking forward to a flight home to their families so Jets should romp.

Anonymous said...

Oh, back to racing, Looking At Lucky was quite impressive in that "Derby prep".

And I watched rented and watched the Hennegan Bros. "Frist Saturday in May" last night, sure most of you have seen it but if you have not it is well done and definately worth a viewing.

Anonymous said...

Hey Alan welcome back. Can you drum up some entertainmet hunch bets for Monday. I'm in desperate need of some entertainment as the Big A is closed.

Anonymous said...

Take care...

jk said...

Merry Christmas from NYRA!....

Budget mess threatens Belmont: Third jewel of Triple Crown hangs in balance

BY Barbara Ross

Monday, December 21st 2009, 4:00 AM

Horse racing's historic Triple Crown may become the Double Crown because of Albany's never-ending gridlock.

A top racing official says the Belmont Stakes - the third leg of the fabled Triple Crown - could be scratched this year because the governor and legislators can't agree on a plan to revitalize the state's premiere racetracks.

Charles Hayward, president of the New York Racing Association, which runs Aqueduct, Saratoga and Belmont - said NYRA will run out of cash "in the May-June timeframe."