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Monday, August 06, 2012

A Saratoga Whirlwind

Wow.  I am now officially between jobs.  My last day at the company where I've worked for the last 5 years was Thursday.  We arrived up here in Saratoga just around post time for the second race on Friday.  We've spent three full days at the races, bbq'd at our favorite spot in Saratoga Springs State Park, spent a night at SPAC with the Philadelphia Orchestra, hung out and drunk with friends, enjoyed a home-cooked meal, and found some time to relax (and, for me, to handicap) in the screened porch with a ceiling fan overlooking the backyard of the great little house we've rented here.  Oh yeah, and then passed out.  And now, suddenly, it's Monday morning.  Wow.

The weather has already run the gamut of Saratoga; Friday was pretty hot and humid, Saturday was noticeably moreso on both counts, a real steamer, and Sunday featured an impressive Saratoga downpour that wiped out the grass races and turned the track to slop after the 2nd.  Fortunately, we were spared any further precipitation until well after the races.  And today is a perfect, clear cool morning without a trace of moisture.  We'll see how long that lasts.

And, as usual, the days at the track just fly by, measured, race by race, by the annoying ringing of that bell, the calls to the post, they're off, and reviewing what went wrong.  (Or, fortunately, what went right, just occasionally, but enough to have my head above water thus far.)

This morning, we're off to Lake Moreau State Park for some hiking and swimming, and I'll be at the races later on.  I am on Twitter with some mostly useless comments and observations throughout the day.  And, I will try to find some time to actually write about some racing here at some point soon.  Until then....we're off!  Best of luck everybody and have a great day!


Figless said...

Saratoga is the one place I actually wish there was MORE time between races, albeit perhaps offset by one FEWER race per day, just wish there was more time to take in the atmosphere.

Its Monday, dark day as far as I am concerned, no handicapping.

ljk said...

For the first two weekends they weren't amplifying the bell (the PA system has been on and off all meet).

It didn't feel right without the bell echoing through the place...