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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Travers the Library?

There's around 14 minutes to post time for the second race, and I'm the Saratoga Public Library. I got to the track a bit before noon, got a parking spot (again, thank heaven for the onwers parking! The people here have no shame - $5 parking spots were $20 today), and found a nice little spot for my lawn chair. It's funny how most everyone was already at the track when I arrived - little in the way of car traffic remaining. It's an all-day affair for many. It's crowded, and it's a really, really long day. I have every intention of being alive in something going into the 12th at 7 PM, so I decided to skip the two NY-bred races leading off the card, and go for a walk to town. It's pretty empty, as you might imagine.

It's so quiet and tranquil in here. Well, it's a library, I guess it's like that every day! Got to do a little late pedigree research for the grass races. Now I'm heading back to the madhouse that is Saratoga on Travers Day.