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Friday, December 30, 2005

Friday Night Notes - Dec 30

Just saw some video of Point of Impact on HRTV. Holy shit!! Wait until you see this one; he is magnificent!! He's listed as the 7-2 favorite for his debut in tomorrow's sixth but I'll be shocked if he's a penny over 7-5.


Teaman said...

Alan,...Where do you get video of a horse whose never started?? Does HRTV have workout footage?? I don't have HRTV and don't know a lot about it.
I wanted to see your take on the great card @ SA Sat. and the 1st thing I see is your mention of Point Of Impact...the 1 I liked out of the 10 un-raced in that 6th R. I'm just a bare-faced rookie at this horse racing game...and don't know "jack" about the deep bloodlines. From reading your notes + archives it seems
you are extremely knowledgeable on that end. But I've certainly heard of many of those sires + dams listed in the form. Man...Is that some prize horseflesh in that race or what?!! Too bad it's only 5 1/2 fur...but I guess that's a comfortable distance for firsters correct? Just by seeing what the form gives as to the owners,trainers,breeders, and %'s and such...I get a feeling some "monsters" are going to blossum from this field well into the future. At the risk of putting the "Blog Jinx"...on P of Imp..when I saw Baffert,Espinoza,Bob+Bev Lewis..etc. I just got a "feel" that this guy is gonna show stuff EARLY. I'm hoping you're wrong on the odds prediction..but I know you're probably right on. I'm just a "punter" but I'm not going to chase odds on chalk 1st X Str no matter how Regal they appear. Esp. when there's 9 other 1st X bluebloods to choose from. I'll use him in a value Ex. if I can find one. I've got to give the 12..Arson Squad a look cuz my man Solis is up...but he'll be chalked up too. Maybe Totally Gone too. Since that's what's happened to my betting allowance this week... the results have not been kind. 1st + 3rd...1st + 3rd..with some FAT Ex. payoff potential. But we all know that story..shrug it off and carry on. It's the nature of the beast. Good Luck w/ your plays!


Alan Mann said...

There's been a lot of hype about this horse, enough so that HRTV has been right on top of the story and did an excellent job today. They do sometimes show workout footage. This however wasn't even of his workout; it was just him in his stall and being schooled in the paddock. Wow, he looks amazing.

But you're right in that there are other nicely bred horses in there. HRTV also had Doug O'Neill on, and he seemed to like each of his two entrants in the race - Thief of Hearts (Cat Thief) and Totally Gone (Gone West).