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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The G That Won't Go Away

- Despite the fact that he's been discredited, deposed, and caught red-handed writing large checks to himself and his cronies the same day he was fired by the Jockeys' Guild, Wayne Gertmenian is, incredibly, still apparently in control of the Disabled Jockeys' Endowment through associates recently elected to the board of directors over the objections of the Guild, who nominated a slate of their own. That’s like Jack Abramoff being in charge of an endowment fund for disabled Native Americans. In fact, one of the elected board members, whose names have not been released, is said to be none other than ousted Guild VP Albert Fiss, who, at over 6 feet in height and weighing in at over 300 pounds, was witnessed courageously scuffling in the Guild’s office on the day of his firing with diminutive jockeys weighing about a third as much. So the Guild is recommending that potential donors seek other avenues to help riders who have been crippled in the course of their jobs.

Darrell Haire, the guild's interim national manager, said yesterday in a telephone interview that his group is researching whether it has any options regarding the endowment's leadership. The fund is independent, so the guild may be stymied, Haire said.

"The endowment has lost credibility with our organization," Haire said in a statement. [Louisville Courier-Journal]
Gertmenian told Congress that he had personally contributed $50,000 to the fund, but considering his record of lies, one can take that for what its worth.
In a January electronic message among endowment officials, which was provided to Congress, [outgoing endowment trustee David] Woodcock questioned whether Gertmenian's contribution was "ever deposited in the endowment account."
- OK, here’s the best musical Christmas suggestion you’ll ever get from a nice Jewish boy in Queens. If you’re tired of the top 40 stations that switch to all-holiday music and play the same 40 songs throughout December, check out the ‘Xmas in Frisko’ stream from SOMA-FM. It’s a joyously varied and eclectic selection of yuletide tunes that can cheer you even after walking from work over the 59th Street Bridge in 20 degree weather, and I’ll pass along their warning that it’s “not suitable for all ages” (which is one of the reasons we like it so much).

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Anonymous said...

The usual great analysis, Alan, but the best part of the post was the link to SOMA's Christmas music. As for Gertmenian, perhaps he post-dated the check to the Jockeys' Endowment to somer time after he starts residing in Club Fed