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Friday, December 02, 2005

Highland Cat Goes Fourth

- 4th place finish for Highland Cat, and the best I have to say is that he lost by single digits and earned us $1450. I’m at work and wasn’t able to go due to no more paid time off left this year, the result of all the time spent at Saratoga. In fact, I haven’t yet seen the race, but Tom Durkin noted that he was running awkwardly, and Matt Carrothers on TVG, who picked HC as a single starting off his Pick Four’s (sorry Matt), said that he never seemed comfortable. The Head Chef held the phone up to the TV and provided commentary such as "Ugh," "Oh no," "Sorry, honey," all sandwiched around a brief and screechy "CMON BABY" when he tried to rally. Another observer said that he didn’t seem to like the dirt kicked up in his face. Run him on the turf, I say. I’m kinda surprised that they let the winner go off at 7-2, given how unconscious Contessa has been lately; the horse was claimed again, this time by Frank LaBocetta. Thanks to all the well-wishers, and sorry if any of you lost...


thecalicocat said...

that HC is a cute little guy, maybe a career in the movies.
i won a few bucks on the 7-1 exacta.
the time wasn't too swift -- was there a headwind?
bring HC down to philly park and he will win.

Patrick J Patten said...

tough loss, listend on the web broadcast (you know you can get that right?). Seeing that I won't be able to pay my mortgage this month due to this loss, you think you can help me out?

Alan Mann said...

Sure I can help, Patrick. My share of the $1450 in purse money must come to around 85 bucks. I can send it to you in cash.

I think it was very windy there. The Head Chef said that the camera was all shaky.

Anonymous said...

He made a promising enough move on the turn but it looked like he didn't change leads and then flattened out. He was certainly running erratically at a couple of points in the race. He basically ran green so once that gets sorted out he should get it done.

Best of luck!