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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Horse Hockey

- The NY Daily News chimed in with their own editorial regarding Belmont's Bathroomgate....or Bathgate. Yeah, I know, yet another excuse to include a picture of an old Ranger. But this time it's actually in context. A representative of the Water Authority of Western Nassau County called the notion that NYRA was being supplied low pressure water "horse hockey."

Joseph Corbisiero, the authority's director of plant operations, said, "System pressures were actually elevated in anticipation of a high demand for Belmont." He added that when he spoke to Belmont's chief plumber during the track's water woes, the authority's pressure was fine.

"No other customers experienced pressure problems," Corbisiero said. [NYDN]
The editorial calls on Governor Paterson to get to the bottom of Saturday's toilet fiasco, a somewhat revolting thought.

In a somewhat related development, veteran harness driver Ron Waples said of the unbeaten Somebeachsomewhere: "If I was a horse and I looked over and had to race that thing next week, I'd be peeing my pants." [Toronto Globe and Mail]

Yeah....but.....if he was a horse, he wouldn't be wearing pants....nevermind. The colt drew the two post for Saturday's Pepsi North American Cup, at $1.5 million, the richest harness race in North America.

And a large class action group of addicted gamblers are suing the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation for $3.5 billion, claiming that the province's casinos are not doing enough to keep them out despite their being on a "self-exclusion" list.
Those who sign up for the program are photographed and registered, and their information is stored in binders at every provincial casino. If they are caught trying to enter a casino, they can be arrested for trespassing.

But gamblers who spoke with CBC News on condition of anonymity said the program doesn't work. One woman said she registered for the program, but her gambling addiction led her back to a casino soon after.

"I walked through, no one looked at me," she said. "I kept gambling for the next couple of years." [CBC]
Yeah....but....what happened to the 'self' part of self-exclusion? Nevermind...


Anonymous said...

Paul Moran had some good info in the bathroom mess....

Loss of water pressure is a preventative maintenance problem longstanding at Belmont – caused by obstructions, primarily tree roots clogging water lines – that until recent years had been routinely cleared in advance of the opening of Belmont. It will be rectified forthwith. First, clearing the pipes is probably a good deal cheaper than building new wooden furniture in the clubhouse lobby and, when you can’t pee in the Trustees’ restrooms … Well, you know.

Anonymous said...

When you speak about hockey players and bathrooms, how can you leave out Alexei Zhitnick?

Anonymous said...

Water pressure problems are endemic in all areas in times of extreme heat, especially on high floors of apartment buildings.

While I do not doubt the report of the tree roots, one way to avoid low water pressure issues is to install a supplemental pump, costly but effective.

No matter the reason, it does not excuse the lack of information forthcoming from NYRA.

Waiting 45 minutes on the lady's room line only to arrive to find a cesspool is unacceptable.

IF she had known what awaited her, my wife simply would have trekked to the portables. Instead she decided to wait out the line in hopes of a somwhat more sanitary visit.


Anonymous said...

From Sunny Jim in New Jersey

Paul Moran's blog is the best (next to this one, of course) especially if you like a dry, smartmouth sense of humor.

He does occassional handicapping, and several months ago took a stab at the Aqueduct Pick 6 after it hadn't been hit for a few days. The bet totals after scratches came to a few hundred, but he hit it, and it paid 6 or 7 thousand. He admitted later that he didn't place the bet, but I never saw anybody else do that.

That, and Brad Thomas's '99 Belmont Stakes - the one with Lemon Drop Kid - remain the two greatest day-before handicapping feats I have ever seen. Thomas, the on-track handicapper for Monmouth Park and the Meadowlands, had the $5,000 trifecta cold, with a $1,500 exacta.

Neither offered picks for yesterday's Pick 6 at Belmont ($103,000)

Anonymous said...

How come Andy Bathgate is wearing Reggie Flemings uniform?


Michael said...
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