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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hunch Bets for June 17

Swear Allegiance 8th at Colonial Downs
Itsaffirmed 7th at Prairie Meadows
Thegamemustgoon 2nd at Fort Erie
We Did It My Way 5th at Mountaineer
Raging Tiger 2nd at River Downs
Tactical Solution 3rd at Fairmount
Is It Hot In Here 1st at Yavapai


suebroux said...

Your 'Raging Tiger' isn't the same Raging Tiger I know!

Anonymous said...

PaulieWalnuts says oh my I've been waiting for those Tuesday hunch bets. Thanks for not forgetting about them and I love those tracks you selected. Maybe next time you can give me hunch bets at Hollywood dog track. They seem to be the same tracks as the one's you gave out for today's super racing from all over the country.

Anonymous said...

so far your not to shabby with yo entertainment hunch bets, hmmm lets see how ya doin

Is it hot in here 1st at Yavapai

Thegamemustgoon 2nd at fort erie

Raging tiger 2nd at river downs

Tactical solution 3rd at fairmount

wow not too bad Alan, so far you are sucking wind. But, one of them ran third so you get the nice try award///////////// how about handicapping Will Rogers Downs or the track in San Juan or the track in Mexico///// you might have better hunch bets there,

Anonymous said...

lets finish this off.

we did it my way 5th at mountaineer...............out

itsaffirmed 7th at prairie meadows.................out

swear allegiance 8th at colonial downs......oh my u got one

1 for 7 not bad Alan keep up the good work with those entertainment hunch bets