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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hunch Bets for July 16

Itsacakewalk 6th at Monmouth
Going Ballistic 8th at Arlington
Awholenewballgame 8th at Woodbine
Don't Get Married 8th at Monmouth
Don'ttrythisathome 6th at Penn National
Forgiveandforget 4th at Presque Isle
Democrat Taxes 6th at Presque Isle
Goin On A Hunch 2nd at Presque Isle
Zip Your Lip 3rd at Charles Town
Hope For Us All 4th at Arlington


Anonymous said...

oh baby hunch bets. I've been having withdrawls without those hunch bets.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to comment and let people know about an awful job done by little Monticello racecourse today. I do not bet or follow harness racing but was at my local track today and was watching via simulcast. In the 7th race at Monticello today was one of those horrific multiple horse rare harness accidents where the jockeys are thrown from their chariots as several horses go down. Only 3 horses out of 7 finished the race. At least one rider was motionless on the track. It is a half mile track and the incident occured on the first lap. The track never stopped the remaining 3 horses from racing and they were forced to race towards the outer rail on the last turn of the final lap to avoid an ambulance that was in the middle of the racetrack tending to fallen riders. Yes they actually raced around an ambulance that was on the track. And then as if that wasn't distasteful enough after a lengthy delay/inquiry rather than do the right thing and declare the race an obvious no contest (less than half the horses finished the race, horses trotting around parked ambulances on the track) they actually made the results official ! What a disgrace ! To not return all wagers on the race just to make a few bucks I just thought was unbelievable. Did anyone else see this or hear about it ?

wmcorrow said...

I checked out your hunch bets. You got one second and one third from nine hunches. What is your objective listing hunch selections? You obviously are not doing serious handicapping.

Clue me in.

Patrick J Patten said...

@wmcorrow Hunch bets are bets you make because something similar might be going on or something seems familiar between the horses name and the current event Alan links that horses name to. Like my name is Patrick, I'll bet horses named Pat on a "hunch" Alan uses the news to create his hunch bets, and if you connect the name to the story (click the name of the horse) it's usually Alan having a bit of fun with the news, and spewing his leftish commie viewpoints (that's me being funny). Hunches aren't real bets. Please find your sense of humor you must have left it around here somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Is the concept of a hunch bet really that difficult to comprehend?

You do your homework, go to the track with your family, bet half your stake on a horse you love in the third race and get beat by a horse with the same name as your dog.

Your wife is jumping up and down waving her two dollar Win ticket on Fido's Revenge while you go find the ATM machine.