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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Much To Do

- Paul Post noted in The Saratogian that more information hs been requested from the Aqueduct bidders....but I believe that is, again, old news. But this comment by Senate Majority Leader President Pro-Tem Malcolm Smith's spokesperson Austin Shafran doesn't bode well for the August 1 target for a decision:

“Right now we’re focused on getting the legislative agenda in order....It’s (Aqueduct) a conversation we expect to come up soon. But it hasn’t as of yet.” [Saratogian]
Six bidders, a massive amount of information, both on the bids and on the bidders themselves, to both digest and compare....I think they'd be doing well to get it done before the horses come back to Belmont for the fall.


Anonymous said...

Once AGAIN, the pathetic Paul Post. Copy and paste from previous stories. In this case, its no new news.

Anonymous said...

Only way this gets done is if no due diligence is done whatsoever, in other words if the fix is in.

I hope they take their time, do their homework, put politics aside, ignore the lobbyists, and make the best possible long term decision for the future of racing, the community and the state.

Yeah, right.

Anonymous said...

Those refined bids have been in for at least a couple of weeks now. So why the Post mention now and what prompted it?

Steve Zorn said...

So, fuggedabout Albany for a few days, Alan, and enjoy your new claim.

DiscreetPicks said...

Alan, are you going to be doing any writing for the Saratoga Special this year?

Alan Mann said...

>>Alan, are you going to be doing any writing for the Saratoga Special this year?

No, the only people who seem to want me back are the ones that don't pay. Must be doing something wrong.

Anonymous said...

Even money some Aqueduct decision made by August 1st. Even if it is to skinny down the list a bit.

Anonymous said...

1-5 that whatever decision is made by this legislature goes nowhere, and this is put out to bid again, and again, and again, until all of the bidders get tired of bribing corrupt politicians and stop bidding and bribing altogethar.

Only when the deep pockets are exhausted will the VLT rights be given to whomever is close to whomever is in a powerful position at that future time.

There will be an Indian Casino in NYC before VLT's will ever appear at the Big A.

My opinion, with zero facts to back it up except a lifetime of watching NY politics.