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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Paterson Speaks

Ah, ask and thee shall receive: thanks to these posters (sorry about the mole remark...) for chiming in with what they know about the highly secretive proceedings on deciding on the operator for the Aqueduct racino. And I certainly agree that a re-selection of Delaware North would be such an obvious case of lobbyist influence and favorite-playing as to spark outrage (and lawsuits) across the board.

Governor Paterson will address the state on the Senate stalemate at 5 PM today; you can watch it here (with the proper media software). The address comes amidst conflicting reports of progress in the negotiations (or not), threats from Senator Espada and his three amigos to impose their own solution by tomorrow, and acrimony along racial lines. This is nasty stuff.

There are rumors circulating that Paterson will either announce a selection of a lieutenant governor to break the stalemate or threaten to do so. As I mentioned the other day, it's constitutionally unclear if he can legally do so, and Attorney General Andrew Cuomo fired a shot across the governor's bow in that regard the other day.

Such an announcement would be the first partisan move on the governor's part since the turmoil began....assuming, as I will, that he will pick a Democrat. Senator Dean Skelos said that such a move would be a "desperate, and frankly sad, action." Skelos should know. The June 8 coup was, sadly, borne out of just such desperation to escape the minority status that the GOP was relegated to by the electorate last fall, and to avoid the treatment that his party subjected the Democrats to for the last 40 years.


Anonymous said...

Alan you seem to be on top of this Aqueduct VLt deal. Will there be a Community advisory panel or something like Saratoga Racetrack has with local representatives, citizens, state, new gaming and development officers and NYRA appointees? If so, you should try and get on the committee! You're a Queens and racing guy, so best of both worlds protecting our interests.

jk said...

Paterson names Ravitch Lt. Gov. Law suits to follow.

Anonymous said...

So we get a Lt. Gov for succession and Senate tie breaking purposes. Now if the Dems & Reps can "power share" tomorrow, we may be off to governing NY State. Andrew Cuomo may lose ground and popularity with the people if he tries to stand in the way of a reasonable solution.

Alan Mann said...

>>Andrew Cuomo may lose ground and popularity with the people if he tries to stand in the way of a reasonable solution.

I think that's a really good point. If Cuomo does go to court, could that be what Paterson needs to turn his fortunes around? Or is Paterson so unpopular and his re-election prospects so unsalvageable at this point that the people will rally behind Cuomo in any case? If Cuomo is serious about running for governor, maybe he leaves well enough alone, and lets someone else go to court. I'm sure the Republicans are drawing up the papers as we speak.

Anonymous said...

Reps might not go to court. Primary reason being they want to run against Paterson next year and not Cuomo, so let David show his prowess on this one. They may just leave it alone and let Skelos' team get something for putting up a good fight in the Senate.

jk said...

Its over!!??!!



Last updated: 1:41 pm
July 9, 2009
Posted: 1:39 pm
July 9, 2009

ALBANY - Bronx state Sen. Pedro Espada, whose defection to the Republican camp helped trigger the current Senate crisis, will return to the Democratic fold and end the month-long Senate stalemate, The Post has learned.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the "Big A" vlt decision can be made after all by the three men?