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Monday, April 18, 2011

Meadowlands Hangs by a Thread

Jeff Gural says that it's "even money" that the Meadowlands survives, even after the tellers' union refused to even vote on whether to accept the 20% pay cut that he's insisted upon; and which two other unions have already accepted.

"Common sense says that they will change their minds," he said.
Gural also wondered if the clerks were not fully aware of what their decision meant. It is possible, he said, that some felt they would still be able to work at the Meadowlands taking bets on simulcast races only. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie shot down that notion when announcing that the track would close for all forms of wagering May 12. [Harness Racing Update]
The governor doesn't mess around, as we know. But it seems as if he's gotten a bit carried away with his trademark tough talk lately. He drew fire for calling the leaders of the teachers unions "political thugs" (takes one to know one I suppose). And he told reporters that they should "take a bat out on" a widowed 76-year old lawmaker who has started collecting her pension even as she still holds her job.
Democratic state Sen. Loretta Weinberg, a widow, said she was forced to begin collecting her pension after her financial advisor invested all her savings in Bernie Madoff's ponzi scheme. [Crooks and Liars]
Of course, it's clear that the governor did not intend to be taken literally; but he can't be surprised that his opponents would seize on any opportunity to pounce as his belligerence and cockiness starts to get out of hand. Perhaps the results of this poll will cause him to be a bit more humble. Or, maybe not.

- Since the closing of NYC OTB, the NY State Racing and Wagering Board has managed to quickly do away with some archaic laws that have hindered NYRA for years - the prohibitions on their ability to livestream their races and accept wagers after 7:30 PM for example. But the Palm Sunday dark day lives on. Bad enough there's no live racing; but the NYRA Rewards site was completely shut down too. And with an otherwise full day of racing around the country, who knows how much virtually free money went by the boards, for NYRA, the horsemen, and the state.


Anonymous said...

Does Comma to the Top count as part of the field for pool 3 now? Very curious to see about that.

Right now I should have ArchArchArch, Toby's Corner, and Midnight Interlude and probably a couple others @ 9-1 for $100 from Pool 3 field.

I have a $100 Futures on Sway Away, Elite Alex (fail), and Jaycito.

And from the pool 2 Field ($1,000 @ 7/2), my big wager) I've got Toby's Corner, Pants on Fire, Midnight Interlude, Brilliant Speed, Master of Hounds, Nehro(!), Twice the Appeal, Decisive Moment, Animal Kingdom, Watch me Go, Shackleford, Twinspired and maybe 1 more.

Also have $200 onn the filly pool field, but I don't wanna type all that.


Anonymous said...

Gotta love Governor Chris Christie.

We need more just like him.

Gas prices were $1.79 when Pres.Obama took office.

Figless said...

So once again, like NYCOTB, the union employees are the only ones that are unwilling to compromise.

They should consult with THOSE poor unemployed folks before following their leaders to the slaughter.

Pay cut, or unemployment?