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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Business Brisk At Big A, Less So at Yonkers

You can always, if you have nothing better to do, see exactly how business is at Resorts World, or at any of the state's racinos, by checking the New York Lottery's Video Gaming Reports, located here.

Resorts World has been doing huge numbers in terms of the 'win VGM per day' figures, which show the average take of each of the 2,486 machines. They did $618 the first two days, which leveled off a bit to $585 and $576 the next two weeks. Yonkers, heretofore the most successful of the state's racinos, does generally in the low $300's. At least before Resorts World opened. Throw out that first weekend, when the surprise snowstorm shut down the Empire City casino. The last two weeks has seen the win per day at Yonkers down to $286 and $271, and the overall net win figures down accordingly. (Prior five weeks before the snowstorm weekend were $310, $339, $321, $343, and $315.) (Of course, Yonkers has more than twice as many machines, so the overall gross numbers between the two facilities are comparable.) Still early, and I'm sure that Resorts World is attracting the curious at this time. And I'm not familiar with casino economics, so I can't vouch for what will happen when the Big A gets its full complement of machines; surely they'll be some dropoff in the per machine numbers. But definitely worth keeping an eye on this; I for one would be surprised and impressed if Genting can do big numbers without affecting Empire City at Yonkers.


jk said...

Yonkers will lose some business to the Big A, no way around it. I want to see what happens when/if Belmont gets slots. RW will take a big hit from that one.

Anonymous said...

Slot machine players are scum of the earth. I prefer to lose my $ in more sophisticated fashion. -jp

Anonymous said...

Pa Racinos average less than $250 a day/per machine.

Figless said...

I dunno, its a long way from Yonkers to Big A, but I guess there were some Queens and Brooklyn natives that were travelling to Yonkers who will migrate. Doubt it has much of an impact.