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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Separated at Birth?

Part III

Well, OK, maybe not quite. But that they're both cheaters seems pretty clear.

Being a Jets fan, I'm not exactly objective here....but don't you think that a forfeit would make them think twice about doing it again? A loss of draft picks for a team that many expect to go far this year may be about as effective as the sham suspensions we have in racing.


Anonymous said...

The Senate Hearing on the racing franchise is going on now at

Patrick J Patten said...

i'd like to see the forfeit, think it's fair, but i doubt they go that far.

Patrick J Patten said...

thanks for the link

Anonymous said...

Being a long-time, most of it long suffering, Pats fan, I am disappointed that they bothered to waste their not-so-covert intel gathering on the Jets when it surely wasn't needed! Just more of the Mangini vendetta against Belichick, coupled with the usual Jets-Pats "border war", as it is so well described in the Boston media. I am more concerned about Rodney Harrison's use of steroids and his rather lengthy suspension- in my book that is far more serious cheating than stealing signals; stealing signals sounds more like a prep school prank. And naturally the Patriots have a big bulls -eye on their backs, being the big faves to win Super Bowl # 4 this year an d all. However, I very much doubt if the Pats are the only team in the NFL filming signals- they just got caught because Mangini has it in for Belichick, real sore loser there, and the rest of the NFL teams are jealous of their ability to build Super Bowl teams. If you ask me, the rule against videotaping signals is ridiculous; any good coaching staff should be able to encode signals well enough to make them indecipherable by opponents. How about Bill Belichick for DCI in the Giuliani Administration, a place where his sleuthing talents are desperately needed! Anyway, I predict that there will be more "signal-gates" from other NFL teams this year. Meanwhile, the Jets coaching staff needs to learn how to encode signals, that's part of the game, that's the coaching staff's job. As for the Pats, they need to abide by the current rule, ridiculous as it may be, as they're good enough to win it all without breaking this one. /S/ Green Mtn Punter

Alan Mann said...


I'm not sure where you're getting Mangini having it in for Belichik, and the former being a sore loser!?...seems to me it's the other way around. But while I'll tolerate that and most of your other comments, talk of a Giuliani Administration is going too far!!! Bite your tongue!! Even my Republican friends must realize that this hot-headed, vindictive, smarmy little creep is the last thing this country needs right now!