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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Shaky Start for Footing

- We went to Jones Beach today, and the first day of September produced as spectacular of a summer day that one will ever see in this corner of the universe. It was so clear that standing near the ocean at Field 5 ('the new Field 6' according to the Head Chef), one could clearly make out each individual standing likewise all the way down to the West End. It was an amazing sight.

Before I knew it, it was nearly 5 PM, and I knew I wasn't getting any Pick 3 bets down on the last three at the Spa. When I got home and flipped the TV onto, of course, TVG, it was the middle of the first at Presque Isle Downs, and I swear, the first words I heard out of the track announcer was that Cantral has been pulled up and eased out of the race. A subsequent check of the race chart reveals that the horse was vanned off. Man, that would be an eerie start to the Tapeta Footing era, so let's really hope that the horse is OK (though he obviously suffered some kind of injury).

For all the Presque Isle Downs action, please check out Valerie's in-depth - and I mean in-depth! - Presque Isle Downs coverage at her Foolish Pleasure blog. She also nailed Midnight Lute in the Forego, who I was considering picking before I got hooked on Chatain, and then sloppily overlooked the report of his foot injury. He was scratched, which I was happy to see. And it's hard for me to say he would have beaten the winner had he been 100%.


Anonymous said...

Alan, how does Cat Charmer fit in tomorrow's 3rd race? If I'm remembering correctly, this was the horse we discussed who last time out who was fighting the jock the first half of the race, then came on late for 3rd. Can this Motion prevail this time?

Alan Mann said...

jeff- I think he fits very well. For one thing, Linda Rice doesn't have a horse in the race. He did fight the jock early. But that was a giant move she made around the turn and she finished well. Only concern is that she gets enough pace, but maybe the two inside of him will vie for the lead.

Anonymous said...

The announcer at Presque is the same guy at Beulah park.