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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Go All In

- I hadn't read anything about Dantrelle Light, the filly who broke down at Calder on Saturday, until Mike Welsch mentioned it in the Form today. Although he didn't specify in her case, he did write that tragedy struck again before and during the running of the race, so I can only assume the worst. (The 'before' was Post Invader, euthanized after flipping in the paddock; the 'again' was Wild Blonde, put down after a spill in which jockeys Chris DeCarlo and Roimes Chirinos suffered broken collarbones, man!)

It was silly of me to think that a vigorous racing press would take notice of the fact that there was no post parade, and ask why not, and whether one could have had something to do with the other. A couple of readers noted that this was not a unique occurrence, with one writing:

They do that all the time at northern racetracks in the winter. Directly to the gate with NO warm up. I hope u bring this up in the winter time.
I've certainly seen abbreviated warmups during extremely cold winter days, but directly into the gate as in this case, really? The question of horses warming up properly has never been part of the discussion I've heard about breakdowns, and that's a question I'd like to learn some more about.

- The Green Monkey is 8-5 morning line in a grass race at Hollywood on Wednesday. I'll happily give 4-1 to anyone who wants to bet him. Not really, but, like a fun bet. He has a decent Tomlinson of 320; but, though he has some good turf influence in his ancestry, I don't see anything in his family history that screams grass. And it's not a bad field either. Frankel has a pair: Berkeley Castle has been in and out, but could be close on an 'in' day; El Gitano is a first-timer by El Prado out of a half to Free House. Rather Be Lucky was a close second with a high Beyer at 25-1 in his first race since March. Go All In has shown some subtle improvement for Mandella, and his name could provide some good advice for this race. If they're really going to bet The Green Monkey down to 8-5, pick a horse, or two, or three, that you like at subsidized prices and go all in!


jk said...

Put me down for $10 win on the Green Monkey. You will probably win, but what the hey, its for fun!

I think that horse is toast, the turf will not save him.

jk said...

He ran 4th at 6/5. Good call on giving 4-1. He had the lead at 6f so maybe a turf sprint is next.